Cooling sheet 16 pieces for adults & kids


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◎ 10 hours lasting type using a special water-based gel
◎ Cooling sheet that can be used for to reduce fever and heat
◎ Ideal for headache / toothache and drowsiness of work / study

As a substitute for wet towels, ice cubes, etc., please use on the areas you want to cool, such as your forehead, cheeks, and hot skin.
(When the heat is high, it is also effective to cool the arteries such as the armpit, neck line, and base of the foot.)

[How to use]
● Peel off the transparent film and paste it on the part you want to cool.
● If you use it after cooling it in a refrigerator, you can obtain a higher cooling effect.
(Be careful not to freeze it.)
● Replace it when you no longer feel the cooling effect.
● Use scissors to cut into an appropriate size according to the part to be used.

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