Iris Ohyama "Diamond Coated" pot frying pan set, IH - Compatible, removable handles

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These frying pans are light and resistant to thermal deformation with non-stick durable and long lasting surface. Since the handle can be removed, cooking and storage can be done with this one unit.
Set contents: 12-piece set: Frying pan 26 cm, Frying pan 20 cm, Pan 20 cm, Pan 16 cm, Stir-fried pan 26 cm, Silicon edge glass lid 26 cm, Silicon edge glass lid 20 cm, Silicon edge glass lid 16 cm, PE seal lid 20 cm, PE seal lid 16 cm, 2 multi handles

Material: ≪Main body≫ Aluminum alloy (Inside diamond coating, outside baking finish) ≪Beam bottom≫ Stainless steel ≪Glass lid≫ Tempered glass, Silicone ≪Seal lid≫ Polyethylene ≪Multi handle≫ Glass-filled nylon, phenol resin, stainless steel, silicone resin

Full capacity: Frying pan 26cm 2.7L / Frying pan 20cm 1.1L / Stir-fry pan 26cm 3.0L / Pan 20cm 2.6L / Pan 16cm 1.5L
Heat resistance temperature: Glass lid 220 ° C rubber part / PE seal lid 80 ° C / Multi handle 180 ° C resin upper part, 150 ° C resin lower part / 220 ° C rubber part
Not only electric induction cooking / gas fire cooking but also oven cooking is possible.
Abrasion resistance test cleared 300,000 times

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