Iris Ohyama HXF-C25-W Air Purifier, Humidifying Function, 22.8 sq ft (10 Tatami Mats), Deodorizing, Pollen, Heating Type, White

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Air Cleaner
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Air Purifier and Humidify Humidifier Air Purifier

Moisturizes clean air.
The secret to creating a comfortable space with clean air and just the right humidity.

Mix and match air volume and humidity.
You can set the air purifier mode and humidification mode according to your personal preferences.
It can also be used alone by air purifier.

Air Purifier
3-way suction for powerful cleaning in large spaces.
Gung-suction dirty air from left and right air intakes
Since it absorbs air from the floor, it is also recommended for homes with pets.
3 types of filters to clean air stains and odors.
Pre-Filter: Dust and hair loss
Activated Carbon Filter: Absorbs and deodorizes odors such as cigarettes.
HEPA filter (dust collecting filter): Removes fine particles from 0.3 micrometers

Powerful humidification with clean steam.
Heating type uses a heater to warm water and humidify with steam notation.
Even when the temperature is low, it is still humidified.
Steam vent temperature is about 45 degrees
No need to worry about burns at low temperatures.
Heated to moisturize large spaces
Generous humidification with clean steam.
Keep your room warm and dry.
Powerful humidification even in cold weather.
Tank type for easy water supply.
The tank is attached on the top, so it is easy to install and remove during water supply.
The lamp will tell you when the water supply is time

Easy to follow control panel for easy operation by anyone.
Compact design with an A4-size floor area.

Power Supply: AC 100 V
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption (50Hz/60Hz)
Air purifier (quiet): 11W/12W
Air Purifier (Standard): 16W/20W
Air purifier (strong): 21W/25W
Air purifier (strong) + humidifier: 283W/288W
Air Flow (50Hz/60Hz)
Air purifier (quiet): 1.2 m2/min/1.2 m2/min
Air Purifier (Standard): 1.6 m2/min/1.7 m2/min
Air Purifier (strong): 6.6 sq ft (2.1 m2 / min) / 6.6 sq ft (2.1 m2 / min)
Operating sound (50Hz/60Hz)
Air purifier (quiet): 34dB/32dB
Air Purifier (Standard): 45dB/44dB
Air purifier (strong): 50dB/50dB
Air purifier (strong) + humidifier: 50dB/50dB

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