belulu Rebirthday, EMS Electroporation, Mesotherapy, High Frequency (RF) Vibration Esthetics Facial Equipment

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  • Electroporation: This function allows the power of electric appliances to deliver beauty ingredients that are difficult to penetrate without breaking the skin. You can reach the parts of your beauty ingredients that are not possible with normal care
  • No Needle Methotherapy: This function allows you to deliver the ingredients of the serum that fits your purpose without needles
  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) 120 - 125 KHz) This function allows you to contract muscles with the power of electricity, and achieve an athletic effect. It works on facial muscles that are not normally used, and tightens the face lines and makes your face look neat
  • RF Temperature (High Frequency) 1 MHz (1 million times per second) This function warms gently with high frequency. It rises to effective temperature for the skin and increases the natural power of the skin. Vibration Aesthetics: Like the tapping function of a beautician, it provides a comfortable stimulation to your skin to enhance your eyesight. It also supports the penetration of beauty ingredients
  • LED light estester: Red LED (610 - 780 nm wavelength, mainly aging care). Ideal for aging skin care that has been damaged such as dryness. For those who are concerned about their age skin, it supports youthfulness and provides a beautiful and glossy skin. Yellow LED (570 - 590 nm wavelength, mainly melanin care) Prevents stains and freckles caused by sunburn, and helps to maintain the environment of your skin. Provides a crystal clear skin. Blue LED (415 - 460 nm wavelength, mainly acnecare) Prevents skin rashes and helps to keep your skin smooth and healthy. Repeated adult acne cuts off on skin that is difficult to continue

How to use:

After washing your face, apply beauty gel or lotion directly to the entire face. Turn on the power and choose the strength level of electroporation, no needle therapy, EMS and RF heat and light the 3D head against your skin and gently glide on your skin. (You can choose the LED light ester or vibration ester to work at the same time) From chin to cheek, from nose to cheek, "bottom to up" and "inside to out" is the basic movement. LED light estester: Can be used simultaneously with other modes or by itself. (Red aging care, yellow melanin care, and blue acne care) The basic movement of the face from bottom to top, and from inside to outside.

Color ‎Gloss gold
Charged by USB adapter

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