Mayadou Pharmaceutical Jukata Elixir (warm stomach) 48 tablets

Mayadou Pharmaceutical Jukata Elixir (warm stomach) 48 tablets

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This medicine is effective not only for giving out, but also for relieving the burden on your body and causing constipation. ● Constipation herbal medicine that works well for constipation: A well-balanced combination of rhubarb, senna, and aloe makes it effective for a variety of constipation. ● Analgesic herbal medicine that does not hurt your stomach: Licorice, peony, ginger, and zedoary relieve the pain associated with its effects. In addition, 3 kinds of crude drugs that warm the body are mixed with warm stomach warming crude drugs. Cinnamon, ginger and zedoary warm the body and relieve the cold. Please be sure to check the precautions (contraindications) for the designated second-class drugs that we handle. Please consult your pharmacist or registered distributor. Check the drug description document by PDF

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / dose [Main ingredients] The following ingredients are contained in 8 tablets (maximum daily dose for adults). Daiou powder 0.6g, Senna powder 0.3g, Aloe powder 0.3g, Shakuyaku powder 0.2g, Licorice powder 0.2g, Keihi powder 0.1g, Shokyo powder 0.1g, Zedoary powder 0.15g [Addition] Things] Contains talc. Dosage and administration Take the following amount with water or hot water before going to bed (or on an empty stomach). However, use the minimum amount for the first time, and gradually increase or decrease the amount while observing the condition and condition of bowel movements. [Age] Adults (15 years old and over) [1 dose] 6-8 tablets [Number of doses per day] 1 time [Age] 11 years old and under 15 years old [1 dose] 4-6 tablets [1 dose] Number of times] 1 time [year age] 7 years old or older and under 11 years old [1 dose] 3-4 tablets [number of daily doses] 1 time [year age] under 7 years old [1 dose] Do not take [1 dose] Number of times] Do not take [Caution related to usage / dose] (1) Please strictly observe the usage / dose. (2) If you want to take it to children, please take it under the guidance and supervision of their parents.

Efficacy Indications ● Constipation ● Relief of the following symptoms associated with constipation: head congestion, rash, rough skin, pimples, loss of appetite (decreased appetite), abdominal distension, abnormal intestinal fermentation, hemorrhoids

Precautions for use Precautions 1. Do not take the following medicines while taking this drug.・ Other laxatives (laxatives) 2. People who are breastfeeding should not take this drug or should avoid breastfeeding when taking this drug. 3 Do not take large doses. Consultation points for use 1. The following people, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before taking. (1) People who are treated by a doctor (2) Pregnant women or people who are thought to be pregnant (3) People who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs etc. (4) People who have the following symptoms, nausea Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting 2. If you experience any of the following symptoms after taking this medicine, you may have side effects. Stop taking this medicine immediately and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. [Related parts ... Symptoms] Skin: Rash, redness, itching Digestive organs: Severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting 3. After taking this medicine, the following symptoms may appear. If such symptoms persist or increase, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. Please give me. Diarrhea 4. If the symptoms do not improve after taking it for about a week, stop taking it and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. Precautions for storage and handling 1. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 2. Keep out of the reach of children. 3. 3. Do not replace with another container. (It may cause misuse or change the quality.) 4. Please close the lid of the bottle well. Insufficient tightening may cause deterioration due to humidity. Also, do not handle this product with wet hands. 5. The padding in the bottle is to prevent the tablets from being damaged during shipping. Please remove it as it is no longer needed after opening. 6. Enter the date the bottle was opened in the "Opening Date" field on the box and bottle. 7. Once opened

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