Miyatake Seisakusho CH-K100 WH Storage Stool, Runt, Width 14.2 x Depth 14.2 x Height 19.7 inches (36 x 36 x 50 cm), White, Handle Included

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Width 36 x Depth 36 x Height 50cm (Seat height: 46.5cm) Load capacity: 90kg Remarks: Finished product

Runt, a stool with an impressive round shape, can be used to "sit". A design that combines both "storage" and "storage". When the seat is removed, the inside becomes a storage space, which is very useful for tidying up the room. Whether you are taking a short break or sitting for a long time, he can relax comfortably with a soft and fluffy seat and a comfortable texture. You can sit without hitting your feet with a form that tapers toward your feet.

Manufacturer: Miyatake Seisakujyo
Accessories: No
Package weight: 4 kg

Item weight: 3 kg
Load capacity: 90 kg

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