Office Roka Metallic Silver FP-2060

Office Roka Metallic Silver FP-2060

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Manufacturer model number: FP-2060 Size: 82 x 84 x 166 mm Weight: 230g Material / Material: Body / Inner case / AS resin (heat resistance 70 degrees / cold resistance -20 degrees), cartridge cap / polypropylene (heat resistance 120 degrees / cold resistance -20 degrees), packing / silicone rubber (heat resistance 140 degrees / cold resistance -30 degrees) Degree), non-slip / synthetic rubber (heat resistance 90 degrees, cold resistance -20 degrees) Country of origin: Japan Capacity: 300ml Filtration flow rate: 0.088 L / min Residual chlorine removal rate: 98% / 60L Total trihalomethane removal rate: 90.9% / 60L Increase the number of items displayed
● Delicious and fashionable in the office. In addition, it is a portable handy pot with a water purification function that has economic advantages. ● It is much more economical than commercially available water. 60L of water is produced from one filter for 667 yen (manufacturer's suggested retail price, for one). In other words, 300ml is only about 4 yen (cartridge fee only) ● Double structure prevents cold insulation and dew condensation. Because it is portable, it lasts for a long time and has a double structure to prevent water droplets. ● A high-performance filter that also removes trihalomethanes. Effectively removes residual chlorine, total trihalomethanes, and soluble lead that spoil the taste of water ● Removes 98% of residual chlorine, 80% of soluble lead, and 90% of trihalomethane * According to the analysis results of the Japan Food Research Laboratories Non-slip bottom. Uses a non-slip and stable material on the bottom

Manufacturer: Kai Corporation
Model: FP-2060
Packing size: 17.4 x 8.8 x 8.8 cm
Packing weight: 0.62 lbs
Brand name: Kai (Kai Corporation)
JAN: 4901601467727

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