Rohto Pharmaceutical Rohto One Day Emblem Tulle Marble 10 sheets-7.50

Rohto Pharmaceutical Rohto One Day Emblem Tulle Marble 10 sheets-7.50

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● "Rohto One Day Emblem (Tur Marble)" is a design that looks like a lace-like brown blur edge design that blends into the black eyes, making it look subtle but impressive and big eyes. ● The light beige on the inside, which has a highlight effect, creates a soft and transparent eye. ● Rohto Pharmaceutical quality that focuses on safety and comfort in consideration of eye health. ● Three-tone color technology that creates a natural three-dimensional effect on the eyes. ● Colored diameter 13.6 mm. ● Daily disposable soft contact lenses (single use)

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantities [Ingredients] 1. Lens composition (1) Soft contact lens classification: Group IV (2) Constituent monomers: 2-HEMA, MAA, EGDMA, TMPTMA (3) Moisture content: 58% (4) Oxygen permeation coefficient: 20 × 10-11 (cm2) / Sec) ・ (mLO2 / mL × mmHg) (5) Colorants: Anthraquinone-based colorants, phthalocyanine-based colorants, carbazole-based colorants, carbon-based colorants, metal oxide-based colorants / positions of colored parts: coloring The agent is on the eyelid side. -Condition of colored part: It is covered with a polymer film. (6) Ultraviolet absorber: Benzotriazole-based ultraviolet absorber ・ Ultraviolet absorption rate: In the case of apical refractive power -3.00D [UV-A wave: absorption rate] 50% [UV-B wave: absorption rate] 95% ( According to ISO18369-1: 2006.) 2. Main components of preservative solution: sodium chloride, buffer (boric acid type), moisturizing ingredient Usage and dosage [Usage, etc.] (1) Wear when you are awake and remove before going to bed. (2) Replace with a new lens every day. (3) Be sure to throw away the lens once removed from the eye. [Precautions related to usage, etc.] Wear all day, replace one day 1. Attaching and detaching the lens [1] Before wearing (1) Cut your nails short so as not to damage your eyes or lens, and make the tip round and smooth. (2) Be sure to wash your hands and fingers thoroughly with soap before touching the lens to keep them clean. (3) Rinse well so that no soap remains. (4) If you wear a lens that you have handled with your hands or fingers that have soap left on it, you may see it in your eyes. (5) Handle the lens with clean hands. (6) When handling the lens on the wash basin, plug the drain port or use a washout prevention mat. (7) When attaching or detaching the lens, do not raise your nails or touch your fingertips directly with your eyes. [2] Check the left and right lenses and check the lens and container (1) Check the right lens and left lens. (If you make a mistake on the left and right, you may not be able to obtain proper eyesight.) (2) Make sure that there are no abnormalities in the lens and container before opening. [3] How to take out from the container (1) Separate the container ・ Separate the containers one by one. (2) Shake the container ・ Shake the container lightly before removing the foil from the container to make sure that the lens is in the preservative solution. (3) Peel off the foil ・ Hold the container and foil firmly and slowly peel them off so that the preservative solution does not scatter. Be careful not to cut your hands with the foil or the edges of the container when disconnecting or removing the foil. (4) Remove from the container ・ Put your index finger in the preservative solution and gently scoop up the lens along the curve of the container with the pad of your finger. At this time, be careful not to scratch or damage the lens with your nails. [4] Checking the lens Checking for abnormalities in the lens ・ Take out the lens and check that there are no abnormalities such as deformation / discoloration, foreign matter / dirt, scratches / damage, etc. on the lens. Do not wear these abnormal lenses as they may cause pain, irritation and eye damage during wearing. [5] How to attach the lens (1) Drain water Pinch the edge of the lens and gently shake it up and down to remove water. (2) Wipe off the water on your hands and fingers with a clean towel on your fingers. Gently place the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand. At this time, be sure to check the front and back of the lens. (3) Open the eyes wide with your fingers Pull the lower eyelid down with the middle finger of the hand on which the lens is placed, and with the index finger or middle finger of the other hand, pull up the upper eyelid while holding down the hairline of the eyelashes, and open the eyes wide. increase. (4) On the black eyes

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