Taisho Pharmaceutical Sempa Petit Berry 10 Tablets

Taisho Pharmaceutical Sempa Petit Berry 10 Tablets

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◆ Prevents and relieves dizziness, nausea, and headaches caused by vehicle sickness, making travel and outings comfortable and enjoyable. ◆ A small strawberry-flavored chewable lock that is easy for children to take. If you feel sick during a busy period before going out, you can take it immediately on the spot. ◆ Sempa Appetit Berry can be taken by children over 3 years old to adults. To avoid vehicle sickness, please also note the following points. Try to get enough sleep the night before. Choose a front seat or a window seat that feels good and comfortable. Avoid drinking too much or eating too much. Let's have a good time by chatting and looking at the scenery. Check the drug description document with PDF

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / dose 2 tablets Chlorpheniramine maleate ・ ・ ・ 2.66 mg (blocks stimulus transmission to the vomiting center and suppresses dizziness, nausea and headache ) Scopolamine hydrobromide hydrate ・ ・ ・ 0.16mg (Relieves excitement of autonomic nerves and suppresses dizziness and nausea.) Additives: Reduced malt sugar water candy, corn starch, hydroxypropyl cellulose, anhydrous. Silica, aspartame (L-phenylalanine compound), Mg stearate, fragrance, vanillin, ethyl vanillin
Dosage and administration. Chew the following amount or dissolve in the mouth and take. Take 30 minutes before boarding to prevent vehicle sickness. If you take additional doses as needed, take the single dose at intervals of 4 hours or more. 11 years old and over ・ ・ ・ 2 tablets per dose, up to 2 times a day 3 to 10 years old ・ ・ ・ 1 tablet per dose, up to 2 times a day under 3 years old ・ ・ ・ Do not take [ Precautions regarding usage and dosage] (1) Please strictly observe the prescribed usage and dosage. (2) If you want to take it to children, please take it under the guidance and supervision of their parents. (3) When taking this medicine to infants over 3 years old, please be careful not to get the medicine stuck in your throat. (4) How to take out the tablet As shown in the figure, press the convex part of the PTP sheet containing the tablet strongly with your fingertip to break the aluminum foil on the back side, take it out and take it. (If swallowed as it is by mistake, it may lead to unexpected accidents such as sticking to the mucous membrane of the esophagus.) Dosage form / shape Chewable tablets

Precautions above 1. Do not use any of the following medicines while taking this drug: Other vehicle sickness medicines, cold medicines, antipyretic analgesics, sedatives, antitussive expectorants, gastrointestinal analgesics and antispasmodics, oral medicines containing antihistamines Etc. (oral medicine for rhinitis, medicine for allergies, etc.) 2. Do not operate vehicles or machinery after taking this medicine (symptoms such as drowsiness, blurred vision, and abnormal glare may occur). The following people, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before taking (1) People who are treated by a doctor. (2) Pregnant women or those who are thought to be pregnant. (3) Elderly people. (4) People who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs. (5) People with the following symptoms. Dysuria (6) Person who received the following diagnosis. Glaucoma, heart disease 2. If you experience any of the following symptoms after taking this medicine, you may have side effects. Stop taking this medicine immediately and consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this manual. Related parts… Symptoms Skin… Rash・ Redness, itching Psychoneurological system… Headache Urinary organs… Difficulty urinating Others… Facial burning, abnormal glare In rare cases, the following serious symptoms may occur. In that case, please see a doctor immediately. Name of symptom… Symptom aplastic anemia… Blue bruise, nosebleed, bleeding of toothpaste, fever, pale skin and mucous membrane, tiredness, palpitation, shortness of breath, feeling sick, hematuria, etc. appear. Agranulocytosis: Sudden high fever, chills, sore throat, etc. appear. 3. 3. After taking this medicine, the following symptoms may appear. If such symptoms persist or increase, discontinue taking this medicine and consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this manual. Dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness, blurred vision storage

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