Takeda CH Takeda Herbal Laxative 180T

Takeda CH Takeda Herbal Laxative 180T

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● A product based on the Chinese herbal formula "Daiokanzoto", which contains licorice as the main ingredient of the crude drug Daiokanzoto, and promotes the movement of the large intestine to promote communication close to nature. ● If you only drink before good night, you will get a calm and natural feeling the next morning. ● We use "Shinshu Daio", which we have researched and developed and cultivated in Japan. ● Licorice helps the action of Shinshu Daio and promotes gentle defecation. ● Relieves abdominal tension (abdominal distension) and acne caused by constipation. ● A tablet with a yellowish brown score line. Constipation Relief Advice For those who want to cure constipation: Long-term use of laxatives tends to be less effective without increasing doses. To restore your regular bowel habits, keep the following in mind: 1. 1. Get in the habit of defecation. Let's go to the bathroom once a day (best after breakfast). I don't want to have a bowel movement. 2. Strengthen your abdominal muscles. Strengthen your abdominal muscles with abdominal massage, twisting exercises, swimming, etc. to make it easier to defecate. 3. 3. Be careful with your diet. When you wake up in the morning, drink cold water or milk, and eat lots of high-quality foods such as fruits and vegetables to encourage intestinal motility.

Ingredients / quantity / usage ingredients / dose The following ingredients are contained in 4 tablets (maximum daily dose for 15 years or older). Daiokanzoto extract powder (abbreviated as Kinho, 26.7% amount) ・ ・ ・ 800mg [Daiou ・ ・ ・ 1067mg Licorice ・ ・ ・ Extracted from 267mg] Additives: Silica anhydride, cellulose, carmellose Ca, Mg stearate [ Precautions regarding ingredients and quantity] (1) Taking this drug may cause the urine to turn orange or red, but there is no need to worry because it is due to licorice. (2) Since it is a product using crude drugs, the color tone of the tablets may differ slightly depending on the product, but the effect does not change. Dosage and administration [Dosage and administration] Take the following amount once a day with water or hot water before going to bed without chewing. 15 years old and over ... mild constipation (when there is no bowel movement for 2 to 3 days) 1 to 3 tablets, stubborn constipation (when there is no bowel movement for 4 days or more) 2 to 4 tablets 5 to 14 years old ... light Constipation (when there is no bowel movement for 2 to 3 days) Half tablet to 1 and a half tablets, stubborn constipation (when there is no bowel movement for 4 days or more) 1 tablet to 2 tablets Under 5 years old Therefore, increase or decrease the dose by half or one tablet (up to the maximum amount above) while checking the condition of bowel movements. [Precautions regarding usage and dosage] (1) When taking this medicine to children, take it under the guidance and supervision of a guardian. (2) Strictly adhere to the usage and dosage. (3) The next person should take a modest dose. People with weakness and menstruation (4) Use the minimum amount for the first time. (5) If bowel movements improve, reduce the dose and increase the interval between doses. Agent type / shape Uncoated tablets

Efficacy Efficacy / effect ● Constipation ● Abdominal distension due to constipation / acne / acne / abnormal intestinal fermentation / hemorrhoids / head weight / rash / eczema / dermatitis / loss of appetite (decreased appetite) Relief of symptoms such as [Caution related to efficacy] Can be used regardless of physical strength.

Precautions for use Precautions for use 1. Do not take the following medicines while taking this drug Other laxatives (laxatives) 2. Do not take this drug if you are breastfeeding, or avoid breastfeeding if you take this drug. The following people should consult with a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before taking (1) Those who are being treated by a doctor. (2) Pregnant women or those who are thought to be pregnant. (3) People with weak physical strength (people with weak physical strength, people with weak physical strength). (4) People with weak gastrointestinal tract and prone to diarrhea. (5) Persons with the following symptoms. Severe abdominal pain, nausea / vomiting 2. If you experience any of the following symptoms after taking this medicine, stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. Related parts: Symptoms Skin: Nausea Diarrhea : Diarrhea with severe abdominal pain, abdominal pain, nausea / vomiting 3. After taking this medicine, the following symptoms may appear. If such symptoms persist or increase, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. Diarrhea 4.5-6 days

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