WIN Rechargeable Portable Hydrogen Water Generator H2 Plus (450ml) B-1501PP Purple

WIN Rechargeable Portable Hydrogen Water Generator H2 Plus (450ml) B-1501PP Purple

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If you use the included AC adapter, you can charge it from an outlet. You can also charge from your computer using the USB cord. Easy to clean and easy to wash. It is divided into parts, but it is easy to assemble. The socket part is platinum coated, so it is safe and secure for your body.
Color: purple Portable, rechargeable hydrogen water bottle Yukio Iketani Original color 5 colors You can easily drink high-concentration hydrogen water of 1000 ppb or more. I am happy with the stylish design and color variations! ◆ Name: Rechargeable portable hydrogen water generator H2 Plus Color ◆ Color: (black) (blue) 03.purple (purple) (red) (orange) * Monitor, etc. Depending on the viewing environment, it may look different from the actual color. ◆ Size: Diameter / 66mm / Height / 245mm ◆ Weight: 410g ◆ Capacity: 450ml ◆ Material: PP / Stainless steel / Hawate glass / Titanium platinum plating / Titanium / Silicon etc. ◆ Accessories: AC adapter with dedicated USB cord (AC adapter with dedicated USB cord) 7.4V 950mA / h) ◆ Hydrogen concentration: 800 ~ 1227ppb * 1 (measured by Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association) ◆ Power consumption: Power supply AC100V ~ 240V 50Hz / 60Hz ◆ Output: DC5V 1.2A ◆ Battery: Lithium battery (Battery capacity: 3.7) V 1450mAh) ◆ Charging time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours (Full charging time) ◆ Continuous use time: 4 minutes mode… Approximately 20 times * 1 ・ 2 ◆ Warranty period: 1 year from purchase * 1: Depends on water quality .. * 2: When using hard water, the number of generations may be about 10 times. * Details are described in the instruction manual.

Manufacturer: WIN Co., Ltd.
Packing size: 30 x 10 x 10 cm
Material: PP, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, titanium platinum plating, titanium, silicon, etc.
Color: Purple
Volume / Capacity: 450 ml
Battery type: Lithium ion
Packing weight: 900 g
Battery use: Yes
Battery included: Yes
Manufacturer's warranty : 1 year
Brand name: H2 Plus
JAN: 4589495900171

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