Aisei Beaum One Day Charm Brown 10 sheets ± 0.00

Aisei Beaum One Day Charm Brown 10 sheets ± 0.00

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● It is a one-day disposable type that is clean and eye-friendly every day. ● A low water content (42.5%) lens that prevents dryness and keeps moisture. ● Uses a wrap-in structure that prevents the pigment from coming into direct contact with the eyes. ● Uses a non-ionic lens that does not easily absorb tear stains. ● With the UV cut function that protects important eyes from ultraviolet rays, UV-B about 98% and UV-A about 83%, which are said to be harmful to the eyes, are cut. ● Contains "MPC polymer", which has about twice the water retention capacity of hyaluronic acid immersion lenses, and provides a comfortable fit all day long. ● Uses a natural lens diameter of 14.2 mm that is not too large. It is a size that fits comfortably in the original eyes. ● Color: [Charm Brown] Two colors of brown naturally tone up the entire pupil, emphasizing the outline clearly. For a cute impression with a subtle luster.

Ingredients / Amounts / Usage Ingredients / Amounts [Ingredients] ● Lens materials HEMA, NVP, MMA, aromatic compounds ● Colorants Phthalocyanine-based colorants, metal oxide-based colorants, aromatic-based colorants, carbon-based coloring Agents ● UV absorbers Benzotriazole-based UV absorbers ● Main components of preservatives Sodium chloride, phosphoric acid buffer, moisturizing ingredients Usage and dosage [Usage] ・ Use when you are awake and remove when you sleep.・ Replace with a new lens every day.・ Be sure to throw away the lens once removed from your eyes. [Before wearing] ・ ・ Cut the claws short so as not to damage the lens, and make them round and smooth.・ ・ Before touching the lens, be sure to wash your hands and fingers thoroughly with soap to keep them clean. [Checking the lens and packaging container] ・ ・ Shake the container lightly and check that the lens is floating in the preservative solution.・ ・ If there is something wrong with the product, please contact the place of purchase without opening it. 1. 1. Peel off the label ・ Be careful not to cut your hands with the label or container. 2. Take out the lens ・ Gently scoop it out with your fingertips, or pour the liquid into the palm of your hand and take it out.・ At this time, be careful not to scratch the lens. [Checking the lens] 1. Checking for abnormalities in the lens ・ Take out the lens and check that the lens is clean and free from scratches and other abnormalities. 2. Checking the front and back of the lens ・ The lens has front and back, and the shape without distortion is normal. If you wear it upside down, it may cause symptoms such as a feeling of foreign matter or difficulty in seeing. [How to attach the lens] 1. Drain the water from the lens ・ Pinch the edge of the lens from the side and shake it lightly up and down to drain the water. 2. Place it on your finger ・ Gently place the lens on the index finger of your Kikite. At this time, be sure to check the front and back of the lens. 3. 3. Open your eyes with your fingers ・ Pull down the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the hand on which the lens is placed, and pull up the upper eyelid with the index finger of the other hand to open the eyes wide. 4. Place the lens on the black eyes ・ Gently place the lens on the index finger on the black eyes. 5. Close your eyes ・ Slowly release your hands and blink lightly several times. 6. Check the fit ・ Hide the other eye with your hand and check if you can see it well.・ 7. Attach the lens to the other eye in the same way. [How to remove the lens] 1. Check the position of the lens ・ Hold the mirror upward, and while looking at the eyes moving in the mirror, gently pull down the lower eyelid with your middle finger, and move the lens below the black eye with the index finger of the same hand. 2. Pinch off the lens ・ Pinch the bottom of the lens with your thumb and index finger to remove it. At this time, move the lens below the black eye before removing it.

Precautions for use Precautions for use ・ If you feel any abnormality in your eyes while wearing the lens, remove the lens and consult an ophthalmologist.・ While wearing the lens, do not use any eye drops other than those instructed by an ophthalmologist.

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