Car Mate Ionfeel ion generator ozone car type

Car Mate Ionfeel ion generator ozone car type

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Product introduction

● Negative ion generator for vehicle
This product is a negative ion generator that plugs into the car's cigar socket.
Negative ions are believed to combine with positive ions in the air to normalize the ion balance in the human body.
It is also believed to have the anti-aging effect and increase immunity

● With blue LED
when the blue LED light lights up negative ions are being generated.
Also the bright blue LED light can used for illumination.

● Generates approximately 2 million negative ions / ㎤
This product generates about 2 million negative ions / ㎤.

● With ON / OFF switch
There is a switch that can be turned on and off on the back of this product, you can generate negative ions only when you want to.

● 6-step angle adjustment function
By adjusting the angle in 6 steps, the negative ion emission port can be directed to any angle.

● Do not use if you have a pacemaker attached to your heart. ● Do not disassemble or modify. ● In the case of a car where the power of the car socket cannot be turned off even if the key is removed, turn off the switch when not using this product. -This product may generate a high pitch sound due to high-voltage discharge.If you use the radio while this product is on, noise may occur depending on the vehicle model.

Safety warning
● For 12V vehicles only. ● Do not use this product if you have a pacemaker attached to your heart. It may affect the pacemaker. ● Do not insert a finger or foreign object into the hole of this product. ● When listening to the radio while using this product, noise may be heard depending on the vehicle model.

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