DHC Edison 7 packs

DHC Edison 7 packs

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Product Details

"Edison" is a supplement for "men's self-confidence" that is mainly composed of cultured roots of ginseng.
In addition to 200 mg of ginseng culture root, maca, egg white peptide, and zinc are also added to support smooth flow and firmness when taken together.
Recommended for those who want to regain their confidence as a man.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Yeast extract powder (yeast extract, dextrin), Maca concentrated extract powder (maca extract, dextrin), egg white peptide, cultured ginseng root powder, Mucuna extract powder (mucuna extract, dextrin), black ginger extract ( Dextrin, black ginger extract), L-carnitine fumarate, grape polyphenol, apple polyphenol, ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), zinc yeast, horse placenta extract powder, selenium yeast, cinnamon extract powder, black pepper extract, arginine, extracted vitamin E , Gardenia (containing crocetin)

[Nutrition content display]
(Edison 1 packet per day (6 capsules) total weight (=content amount 1920mg)) Ginseng
culture root powder... 200mg
Yeast extract powder... 250mg (Polyamine 0) .2%)
Maca concentrated extract powder... 250 mg (6 mg as benzyl glucosinolate)
Egg white peptide (Egg White Peptide)... 250 mg
Mucuna extract powder... 150 mg (L-dopa 50%)
Black ginger extract powder 1... 50 mg (5.7-dimethoxyflavone 5%)
Grape polyphenol...75 mg
Apple polyphenol...50 mg
Arginine...50 mg
L-carnitine...50 mg
Coenzyme Q10...30 mg
Placenta extract powder (derived from horse)...・20 mg
cinnamon extract powder・・・10 mg
Black pepper extract (piperine 95%)・・・5 mg
Gardenia extract powder: 2 mg (crocetin 1.5 mg)
Vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol): 10 mg
Zinc: 2.5 mg
Selenium: 25 μg

[Adjusting agent]
Cellulose, sucrose fatty acid ester, Silicon dioxide, shellac, guar gum, carnauba wax

Usage and dose
[How to eat]
● Take 1 packet (6 capsules) daily as a guide.
● Take it according to your lifestyle such as taking 2-3 times or taking it all at once.
●It is recommended to take after meals if you have a weak stomach.

Dosage form/shape

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