Dokodemo Vape Premium, Replacement Item

Dokodemo Vape Premium, Replacement Item


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A replacement cartridge for Dokodemo Vape Premium Set.Even outdoors this exerts wonderful effects and unpleasant bugs won't come nearby! The super-high-performance fan properly disperses the chemical agent. This has 15 times the effectiveness compared to the first-generation Dokodemo Vape No.1! Can be used for 240 hours for peace of mind in summer! Takes 2 AA alkaline battery that bring you 40 days usage (when used 6 hours a day)! A portable type you can use anywhere! The belt allows you to attach it to your arm or waist! Recommended for the outdoors, gardening, overseas travel, baby strollers, etc.
• Contents: 1 Chemical Agent Cartridge, 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
• Ingredients/Materials: metofluthrin (pyrethroid type), BHT
• Size (cm): 135mm x 40mm x 87mm
• Weight (item only) [G]: 86.2
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Fumakilla
• Handling Precautions: Usage Precautions: During operation, chemical agent continually evaporates. Therefore, switch off when not in use. Should you experience an abnormality on your body or should your swallow or lick the chemical agent, discontinue use and seek medical treatment, telling your doctor that this item is an insecticide which contains pyrethroid-type metofluthrin. Be sure to adhere to the prescribed usage method. Do not leave in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight. Do not cover the device's air inlet and outlet. Do not wet with water etc. as this will cause breakage. Should it get dirty, wipe with a dry cloth etc. Strong impacts and vibrations can cause breakage, so do not drop or throw the device. As it can cause breakage, do not disassemble, modify or repair the device. During and after use, take care so that the chemical agent is not touched by infants and young children. If you have a constitution where allergy symptoms and rashes easily occur, Take care not to touch or inhale the chemical agent. Do not remove or touch chemical agent from the container. Should the chemical agent adhere to your hand, immediately wash well using soap. When the lamp on the item goes out, replace the chemical agent and batteries using Dokodemo Vape Premium, Replacement Item. Designed so that the AA alkaline batteries and chemical agent replacement timing is the same. When using batteries that have been used or different types of battery (manganese batteries etc.), effective usage period will become shorter. Directly after turning on and when using in places with wind, sufficient effects may not be obtained. Storage & Handling Precautions: Do not store in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight. Store out of reach of young children. When not using the item for a long period of time, remove chemical agent & batteries from the item, seal chemical agent in cling film or a plastic bag and then store in a cool, dark place together with the batteries. Promptly remove used batteries from the item. Otherwise, they may leak.

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