FANCL Sun Guard 50 Protective UV (SPF 50, PA), 2.0 fl oz (60 ml) x 2 Boxes Set

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  • (Smooth and Lightweight) This funkel sunscreen protects your face and body without floating. Waterproof formula suitable for UV protection in leisure time
  • (Skin that is not affected by light) Protects against UV rays and external stimulation such as dry blue light by smartphone or PC, etc. It uses a proprietary anti-burn formula, and is non-chemical and does not use any UV absorbers
  • Estimated usage amount: 2 500 yen balls (when using the face and arms) *Please adjust the amount according to the area used. 2.0 fl oz (60
  • How to remove: Face → Clean oil once with facial cleansing. Body ⇒ Wash thoroughly once with a washing agent such as body shampoo. (Use cleansing oil for speedy dropping. )
  • Fresh Period: After opening: within 6 months; unopened: within 3 years; Does not use preservatives, fragrances, synthetic pigments, petroleum surfactants, or UV absorbants. Includes date of manufacture. UV Protection Factor: SPF 50+ PA+++

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