MJ-Regain 100mL x 10

MJ-Regain 100mL x 10

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Size: 10 In the following cases, stop taking the product immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist with this product. 1. If you experience a rash on your skin, stomach discomfort in your digestive system, or diarrhea after taking this product for a while. If the symptoms do not improve after taking "MJ-Regain 100ml x 10" is a nutritional drink containing 5mg of biotamine, a long-acting vitamin B1 derivative. It is efficiently absorbed and maintains a high total blood vitamin B1 concentration. It is effective when taken when tired. It promotes metabolism by combining vitamin B2, which is indispensable for nutrient metabolism and energy production, and vitamin B6, which is indispensable for protein metabolism. Quasi-drugs. Contains biotamine. 100mL type MJ-regain. Nutritional supplementation during physical fatigue, nutritional tonic [Effects] Physical fatigue, febrile wasting disease, post-illness, nutritional disorders, loss of appetite, prenatal and postnatal nutritional supplementation, nutritional tonicity, weak constitution [Usage]・ Dose] Adults (15 years old and over) Take 1 bottle (100 mL) once a day * Do not take if you are under 15 years old. [Precautions related to usage and dosage] Observe the usage and dosage (be careful of overdose when using other vitamin-containing preparations at the same time). MJ-Regain is a quasi-drug. Brand name: MJ-Regain Persistent Vitamin B1 Derivative Combination * Benfomiamine ■ Active Ingredient "Biotamine" Biotamine is a vitamin B1 derivative, commonly known as benfotiamine, which is well absorbed from the intestinal tract and is efficient as a coenzyme for energy metabolism. It works well. * What is a vitamin B1 derivative? Vitamin B1 derivatives are converted to vitamin B1 by an enzymatic reaction in the body. Derivatization improves the absorption rate into the body. ■ What is vitamin B1? It plays an important role in producing energy in the body. It helps nerves and muscles work, and deficiency can cause damage to peripheral nerves. Vitamin B1 is one of the water-soluble vitamins that dissolves in water. It helps to break down the sugar contained in carbohydrates and convert it into energy. Contains 1000 mg of taurine Contains 1000 mg of taurine, which promotes bile secretion and excretion and is useful for energy production. A refreshing drink with moderate sweetness and easy to drink. "MJ-Regain" Q & A Q1. How much is the power of "MJ-Regain"? A1.MJ-One regain is about 68kcal. Calories are a concern even if you think that you should supplement your tired body with drinks. MJ-Regain keeps calories that do not affect daily use. Q2: What does MJ-Regain MJ mean? A2: MJ-Regain MJ is derived from Major = Major. Raw materials / ingredients Benfothiamine (Vitamin B1 derivative) 5 mg Vitamin B2 phosphate ester 5 mg Vitamin B6 5 mg Nicotinic acid amide 20 mg Anhydrous caffeine 50 mg Taurine (aminoethyl sulfonic acid) 1000 mg Additives: Fructose glucosyl liquid sugar, D-sorbitol, Na benzoate, Caramel, sulfonic acid, dl-apple acid, Na citrate, Na metaphosphate, fragrance, vanillin, propylene glycol
Packing size: 23 x 13.5 x 9.5 cm; 2.35 Kg
Color: Yellow

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