Frying pan set 10 points ih compatible Gas application 16cm 18cm 22cm 26cm with glass lid Easy to store and easy to clean Black

Frying pan set 10 points ih compatible Gas application 16cm 18cm 22cm 26cm with glass lid Easy to store and easy to clean Black

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★ 10-piece set contents / materials ★ Sauce pan (16 cm / 18 cm) Frying pan (22 cm / 26 cm) Glass lid (16 cm / 18 cm) PE seal lid (16 cm / 18 cm) 2 dedicated handles Package weight (approx.): 3.3 kg. ★ Compatible heat source ★ IH compatible, gas compatible, all heat source compatible. ★ Material ★ Body: Aluminum alloy / Beam bottom: Stainless steel Handle: Plastic ★ US Whitford coating ・ 5 layers processing ・ ★ With 3 layers of Whitford non-stick coating, it has excellent wear resistance and non-adhesiveness, and its service life can be extended. The body uses high quality aluminum. The painting uses health materials and does not include his PFOA / PFOS, which is pointed out to be carcinogenic. ★ Detachable handle ・ Easy to store ★ Dedicated handle is easy to use and lasts a long time. Easy to grip based on ergonomics. The handle has double insurance so that it will not be dropped by mistake. It can be stacked and tidied up, so storage is neat. ★ Fast thermal conductivity and energy saving ★ The bottom features a magnetic energy collection ring, which enables high-speed and uniform thermal conductivity. Aluminum material with high thermal conductivity spreads heat quickly throughout. Can be cooked with a small amount of oil. You can also save heat energy. Because it is thin, it is light and you can easily shake the pot with one hand. ★ Four sizes ★ 16cm ・ 18cm ・ 22cm ・ 26cm Four sizes are available, recommended for living alone or for families, and ideal as a gift! It is easy to use according to the purpose, and it is very useful for various recipes.
☛ Size: Sauce pan (16cm · 18cm) Frying pan (22cm · 26cm) ☛ ☛ [Non-burnt] US Whitford Non-stick coating with 3 layers makes cooking "smooth"! Dirt can be removed "quickly" and washing is easy. ☛ [Making ramen and miso soup] Sauce bread is very popular for various recipes for warming milk and making ramen and miso soup! ☛ [All three meals a day are available] All cooking methods such as simmering, frying, roasting, and steaming are available. ☛ [10-piece set contents] Sauce pan, frying pan, special handle, glass lid, PE seal lid. Enough for living alone. Recommended for families. ☛ [Compatible with oven and dishwasher] Compatible with oven and dishwasher. Also, cover the excess food with a seal and put it in the refrigerator as a storage container. ☛ [Go to the table as it is] If you take the handle, you can go to the table as it is.

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