Healthy aqua water purifier (white type)

Healthy aqua water purifier (white type)

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Size (approx.): Body = diameter 11 x height 21 cm x weight 825 g Cartridge = diameter 8.8 x height 15 cm x weight 560 g, hose = length 100 cm (extra parts can be cut with scissors, etc.) / Material: Body = ABS resin / Polyacetal, Cartridge = ABS resin Water purification capacity: Approximately 70,000 liters (23 liters a day can be used for 8 years. However, if there are many impurities in tap water, the capacity will decrease and the water purification life will be shortened.) Redox potential: 70 to 150 mV (tap water is 460 mV to 750 mV) / ph: 7.2 to 7.8 ・ Flowing water (approx.): 3 liters per minute ・ Durable temperature: -12 ° C to 50 ° C ・ Water temperature: Hot water up to 50 ° C can be used ■ Set contents: Main body, cartridge (built-in), adapter, hose, residual chlorine test agent 4 times ■ Oxidation-reduction special alloy = KDF alloy is approved by NSF (American Health Association) and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) / International patent (US) ) Acquired PAT.No.464192 ■ Approved as a conforming product by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 3201 analysis ■ 1 year quality guarantee ■ Country of manufacture: Japan
Color: white type [Water purification capacity is amazing 70,000 liters You can enjoy delicious water for about 8 years by using 24 liters a day. During that time, there is no need for troublesome cartridge replacement.] The "Health Aqua Water Purifier" uses a revolutionary filter (oxidation-reduction special alloy = KDF alloy filter) patented in the United States, so it is a complicated device and power supply. Is not required, and the manufacturing cost is reduced accordingly. In addition, with conventional water purifiers, fibers, resins, activated carbon, etc. flow directly into the filter, so there is a limit to filtering and adsorbing harmful substances for a long period of time. It was necessary to replace the filter about once a year from the month. However, the "Health Aqua Water Purifier" consists of eight layers of filters, including a redox special filter. The first-stage redox special alloy filter removes most of the harmful substances contained in tap water, greatly reducing the water purification load of the second-stage activated carbon filter. Therefore, there is no need to replace the cartridge for a long period of time. The water purification capacity is 70,000 liters, which means that you can use it for about 8 years, assuming that you use 24 liters a day. Product name Healthy aqua water purifier (white type) Material Body = ABS resin / polyacetal, cartridge = ABS resin Water purification capacity approx. 70,000 liters Oxidation-reduction potential 70-150 mV Flow rate 3 liters per minute Size (approx.) Body = diameter 11 cm x height 21 cm × Weight 265g Cartridge = Diameter 8.8cm × Height 15cm × Weight 560g Set contents Main body, cartridge (built-in), adapter, hose, residual chlorine test agent for 4 times Note (Disclaimer)> Please be sure to read * The purified water life may be shortened depending on the usage environment, such as tap water in an aged building with a lot of red rust.

Manufacturer: Imence
Packing size: 23.4 x 20.3 x 15.3 cm
Color: White type
Packing weight: 1.27 Kg
Battery use: No
Battery included : No
Brand name: Health aqua water purifier
Product weight: 600 g

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