Hmenz Men's Depilatory Cream hair elimination


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Men's Hair Removal Cream, Removes Unwanted Hair, For Hair on Armpits, Legs, Pubic Region, Can be Used in the Bath, 7.1 oz (200 g). Made in Japan With high quality in the planning, production, sales in the detail. Produced in accordance with ISO quality management and high standards of product management.

Raw materials and ingredients
[Active ingredient] Calcium thioglycolate [Other ingredients] Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, cherry leaf extract, soybean extract, aloe extract-2, cuckoo extract, chlorella extract, urea, liquid paraffin, cetanol, POE (6) stearyl ether, POE (20) cetyl ether, POE (30) oleyl ether, POE (40) cetyl ether, stearyl alcohol, lauryl alcohol, sorbitan oleate, myristoyl methyl taurine Na, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, hydroxyethane diphosphonic acid solution, BG, methylparaben, fragrance

How to use
・Apply a small amount to the area you want to remove hair in advance, leave it for about 10 minutes, and check if there is any irritation such as redness or itchiness. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and rinse with cold or warm water. Take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the root of the hair to be treated. Please apply enough to hide the hair. Apply the cream, leave it for about 10 minutes, wipe it gently with a tissue etc., and rinse it off well with cold or warm water. If you haven't treated your hair, do not leave the cream on for more than 10 minutes, rinse it off, leave it for a day and try again. After hair removal, please refrain from using alkaline lotion or emulsion.

Safety warning
[Precautions] Make sure that you have no abnormality on your skin before using. Before use, apply a small amount of this product on the area to be treated and do not use if it causes rash, itchiness, redness, etc. Do not use on face, wound, swelling, eczema, sores, wounds including scab, or other inflamed areas. Avoid using before and after menstrual days, before and after childbirth and after illness. Do not rub this product strongly on your skin. If abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) and skin darkening appear during or after use, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. .. Be careful not to get the cream on your clothes, floor, carpet, etc. If it should happen, wipe it with water immediately. After use, be sure to wipe off the cream around the mouth of the container and close the cap tightly. Please keep out of reach of children, extremely hot or cold places, and places exposed to direct sunlight.

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