Ikeda model hall Muhi baby b 15g

Ikeda model hall Muhi baby b 15g

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[Active ingredient] Diphenhydramine in 100 g :
1.0 g (itching is suppressed)
Glycyrrhetinic acid : 0.5 g (an ingredient derived from the herb licorice, which suppresses inflammation)
Isopropylmethylphenol...・1.5 g (has bactericidal action)
tocopherol acetate...0.5 g (improves blood flow and accelerates recovery of symptoms)
Additives Na edetate, octyldodecanol, carboxyvinyl polymer, Contains stearyl alcohol, stearic acid, D-sorbitol, phytosterol, propylene glycol, hexyldecanol, behenic acid, glyceryl stearate, polyoxyethylene behenyl ether, macrogol stearate.

Dosage and Dosage

Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day.
[Precautions regarding usage and dose]
(1) When using this product for children, use it under the supervision of a parent. The recommended age to start using this drug is one month or more after birth.


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