Iris Ohyama LED with Bluetooth speaker

Iris Ohyama

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LED bulb with equipped with a speaker that can play music from smartphones.
You can easily connect it and play via Bluetooth.
An air hole creates a flow of air producing a quiet and vibrant sound.
Simple and clean design that easily fits into the interior.
This LED bulb has a long life of about 40,000 hours.
The light color is "light bulb equivalent" with warmth.
Common features of LED bulbs
・ No mercury: Does not contain mercury that is harmful to the environment.
・ Immediately bright ... LED is a semiconductor that emits light when electricity is applied, so it will light up brightly immediately after switching on.
・ Insects don't get trapped inside ... Since it hardly emits wavelengths in the ultraviolet range it doesn't attract insects.
・ Resistant to ON / OFF switching ... LED does not deteriorate due to the frequent switching on / off and its life is not reduced.
・ Low UV / Infrared: Since it emits almost no ultraviolet rays or infrared rays, it does not disturb you by ultraviolet or the heat from infrared rays.

Light color: Light bulb color equivalent
Rated input current: 0.145A
Total luminous flux: Approximately 485lm
Light distribution angle: 200 °
Color rendering: Ra90
Design life: 40000h
Use place: Indoor
Brightness of the entire lamp: Equivalent to 40 general light bulbs
Clasp size: E26
Not compatible with a dimmer

Product Size: Φ 67 × height approx. 12.2 cm
Power Supply: V (50/Hz) Unisex
Rated Power Consumption: 10.6 W (LED light 7.6 W, speaker, 3.0 W)
Communication Method: Bluetooth Standard Ver. 4.0, supported codec: SBC, maximum communication distance: approx. 10 m
Body weight (kg): 0.29
Material: Aluminum


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