Johnson & Johnson Medicinal Listerin Fresh Mint 1000ml (Quasi-drug)

Johnson & Johnson Medicinal Listerin Fresh Mint 1000ml (Quasi-drug)

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Kills the causative bacteria that cannot be removed by tooth shavings alone. Sterilizes the causative bacteria and prevents the deposition of toothpaste, gingival inflammation, and mouth odor. Alcohol content

Ingredients / quantity Ingredients Ethanol (solvent), sorbit solution (wetting agent), 1,8-cineole, timol, methyl salicylate, L-menthol (medicinal ingredient), polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene glycol (dissolution aid), benzoic acid (solubilizer) Preservative), sodium saccharin (flavoring agent), fragrance mint type (flavoring agent), sodium benzoate (pH adjuster), yellow 203, green 3 (coloring agent) Usage and dosage How to use In addition to brushing your teeth on a daily basis, put an appropriate amount of about 20 mL (half the cap) in your mouth, rinse for about 30 seconds, and then spit it out. No need to rinse your mouth with water. Agent type / shape Liquid

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