KERASTASE CH Van Chronologist 1000ml

KERASTASE CH Van Chronologist 1000ml

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Scalp shampoo that moisturizes the scalp and gently washes with rich foam. It creates a texture like a bare hair.
Formulated with Loreal Ceramide hair protection, repair ingredients, and vitamin E derivatives.
Floral Sheeprey Scent
Leave 2-3 minutes and rinse off for better results.

Raw materials/ingredients

Water, sodium laurest flueate, cocobetaine, laures-5 carbonic acid, cocamide MIPA, sodium chloride, isosteryl, polyquotanium-10, PPG-5 cetess-20, amozimethicone, sodium benzoate, PEG-55PG, salicylic acid, PG, tocopherol, butylphenylphenylphenylphenyl Chilpropanal, Sasa Benzyl licylate, hexylcinamal, benzyl alcohol, linalol, limonene, citronelol, geranium ol, corn germ oil, arganian spinosa nuclear oil, oleamide octadecandiol, ycha seed oil, safflower glucoside, arteromonas fermentation extract, amalocyx, amalok fruit extract, sox hydroxide Enric acid, fragrance

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