Cleansui Water Purifier Cartridge Replacement HGC9S x 3 Pieces Increase Pack CSP Series HGC9SZ-AZ

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Size: Depth 55 x Width 55 x Height 90mm / Body weight: 210g Cartridge replacement guideline: 3 months Material / Material: ABS resin Filter media type: Hollow fiber (polyethylene), ceramic, activated carbon Compatible products: CSP801i, CSP801, CSP701, CSP601, CSP602, CSPX, CSP9, CSPUD, CSP1, CSP2, CSP3 This product is for those who use the faucet direct connection type. Because it is designed to be small, many people buy it. The excellent adsorption action of activated carbon not only removes the odor of chlorine and mold in tap water, but also adsorbs and removes trihalomethanes.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui
Model: HGC9SZ-AZ
Packing size: 18.1 x 10.4 x 6.2 cm
Material: Abs resin, ceramic, activated charcoal, polyethylene, hollow thread
br> Color: White
Packing Weight: 0.96 lbs
Battery Use: No
Battery Included: No
Brand Name: Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui
Product Weight: 0.96 lb

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