Kobayashi Pharmaceutical New Scratch Dry 50g

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical New Scratch Dry 50g

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

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○ Sterilization / Disinfection: The bactericidal disinfectant "Isopropylmethylphenol", which is mild and gentle on the skin and has excellent bactericidal activity, sterilizes and disinfects wounds and prevents suppuration. "Halide" relieves pain ○ Promotes skin formation: The wound repair action of "Allantin" promotes skin formation on the wound surface and accelerates wound healing ○ Powder makes the wound smooth 1) Before using the new scratch dry, be sure to thoroughly wash away the dirt on the affected area with clean water such as tap water (if you use it without washing it thoroughly, the dirt may remain on the affected area and become purulent) (2) The affected area For widespread scratches, deep scratches, and burns, do not use this drug (3) Do not recoat (4) If you use it repeatedly in the same area, wash the affected area with lukewarm water and adhere to it. Use after removing the existing drug (difficulty in removing the drug may delay healing) Check the drug description document with PDF

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / isopropylmethyl in 100 g Phenol ・ ・ ・ 0.15g Dibucaine hydrochloride ・ ・ ・ 0.045g Allantin ・ ・ ・ 0.15g Containing benzalconium chloride, gelatin, corn starch, sucrose, squalane, LPG as additives Dosage and administration several times a day, Please spray an appropriate amount on the affected area [How to use] 1. Dirt such as dirt and mud is attached to the wound. Open the faucet fully and wash it off. If there is a lot of bleeding, wipe it gently with tissue paper. Shake well before use, keep the can about 10 cm away from the wound, and use the can in an upright or inverted state.
Precautions regarding usage and dosage. (1) Do not use the affected area or its surroundings while it is dirty (2) When using it for children, use it under the guidance and supervision of a guardian (3) Be careful not to get it in your eyes or mouth. Should it get in your eyes, immediately wash with water or lukewarm water. If the symptoms are severe, consult an ophthalmologist. Also, if it gets in your mouth, gargle immediately and see a doctor (4) Use it only for external use (5) Shake well before use (6) Spray at a distance of about 10 cm to the affected area (7) Do not spray on the same spot for more than 1 second continuously as there is a risk of frost damage. ● Read the “Special Notes” section carefully. Dosage form / shape aerosol (gas type)

Effect Scratches, scratches, gargles, scratches, slippage of shoes, sterilization / disinfection of wound surface

Precautions for use Precautions for use 1. Do not use the following people (1) People with extensive affected areas, people with many deep wounds and bleeding, people with burns (cleaning may not be sufficient, suppuration or healing may be delayed) ( 2) Infants under 2 years old (because the skin tissue is immature, it may cause inflammation such as redness) 2. Do not use on the following parts (1) Face (2) Mucous membranes (for example, eyes, lips, mouth, nostrils, ears, anus, genitals, etc.) Consultation points for use 1. The following people should consult with a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before use (1) People who are treated by a doctor (2) Allergic symptoms (eg, rash / redness, itch, etc.) due to medicines, cosmetics, gelatin, etc. People who have had a rash, etc. 2. If the following symptoms appear after use, side effects may occur, so discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. Related parts: Symptoms Skin: Rash / redness , Itching, swelling, pain, heat sensation In rare cases, the following serious symptoms may occur. In that case, see a doctor immediately. Symptom name: Symptom shock (anaphylaxis): Immediately after use, itching of the skin, hives, faint voice, squeezing, itching of the throat, suffocation, agitation, cloudiness of consciousness, etc. If symptoms do not improve after using for 3.5 to 6 days, discontinue use and consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. Precautions for storage and handling (1) Direct irradiation Store the cap tightly in a cool place out of the sun (2) Children's

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