Cleansui water purifier faucet direct connection type CB series CB013-WT

Cleansui water purifier faucet direct connection type CB series CB013-WT

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Manufacturer model number: CB013-WT Size: Width 131 x Depth 100 x Height 59 mm Body weight: 200g (300g when full) Material / Material: SAN resin (AS resin), ABS resin, MBS resin Country of origin: China Filtration flow rate: 1.6 L / min Type of filter medium: Hollow fiber membrane (polyethylene), activated carbon Estimated time to replace filter media: 3 months (when using 10L a day) Included cartridge: MDC03 Increase the number of items displayed
◆ Simple and compact design with a beautiful sense of unity. ◆ Easy replacement with one hand with slide cartridge ◆ 7 + 2 substance removal makes water delicious. ◆ High-performance filter equipped with a hollow fiber membrane that can remove germs and red rust. ◆ Water-saving shower has less water splash and realizes 30% water saving than conventional shower. ◆ Replacement guideline: When the total amount of filtered water is 900L / piece and 10L / day is used, it has a long life of 3 months. [Water purification capacity] 13 substances to be removed specified in the Household Goods Quality Labeling Law (test results under JIS S 3201) Free residual chlorine: removal rate 80% Turbidity: filtration flow rate 50% Total trihalomethane: removal rate 80% chloroform: removal Rate 80% Bromodichloromethane: Removal rate 80% Dibromochloromethane: Removal rate 80% Bromoform: Removal rate 80% Two substances to be removed (test with JWPAS B.100) listed in the standards set by the Water Purifier Association Result) Iron (fine particles): Removal rate 80% Aluminum (neutral): Removal rate 80% * Values per 900 L of total filtered water. / ■ Specifications ■ Body size: Width 13.1 x Depth 10.0 x Height 5.9 cm Weight: 200 g (when full: 300 g) Filtration flow rate: 1.6 L / min Replacement cartridge Part number: CBC03 Cartridge replacement guideline: 3 months (10 L per day) When used) Type of filter medium: Hollow fiber membrane (polyethylene), activated carbon Accessories: Cartridge with CBC03 / * Can be easily attached to most household faucets, but it may not be possible to attach depending on the faucet shape. There is. Please check the manufacturer page for compatible faucets. * Please see this page from your computer. 30% water-saving shower * Comparison with Mitsubishi Rayon PP945 normal shower Water-saving for about 120 bathtubs and about 7,000 yen per year for water charges! In addition, there is little water splash and the sink can be kept clean. 7 + 2 substance removal that can also remove trihalomethanes Firmly removes 7 substances specified in the "Household Goods Quality Labeling Law" and 2 substances specified in the "Water Purifier Association". Removes trihalomethanes and other substances to create safe water. Long-lasting 3-month life Cleansui is a long-lasting 3-month cartridge. It is more profitable and economical than the one with a 2-month life. Easy slide cartridge Replacement of the cartridge is easy just by sliding it toward you. Economical & Ecology If one PET bottle is about 200 yen, one cartridge is 200 yen x 450 bottles = 90,000 yen. In addition, one cartridge can drastically reduce the amount of garbage in about 450 PET bottles, and can reduce CO2 emissions and disposal.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui
Model: CB013-WT
Packing size: 17.1 x 14.7 x 9.4 cm
Color: White
Packing weight: 0.69 lbs
> Battery use: No
Battery included: No
Maintenance: Not required
Brand name: Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui
Product weight: 0.68 lbs

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