LIXIL INAX All-in-one water purification faucet Replacement water purification cartridge (high chlorine removal type) 6 pieces JF-21-S

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The actual color may differ slightly depending on the viewing environment. Please note that we do not accept returns due to differences from the customer's image. Size (1 piece): Height 116 x Width 28 x Depth 28 mm Body weight (1 piece): 25g Material / Material: Polypropylene Types of filter media: Ceramic (raw material calcium alminosilicate), activated carbon, non-woven fabric * Mineral ceramic filter (raw material calcium alminosilicate) conforms to the voluntary standards for quality and safety of antibacterial products set by the Antibacterial Product Technology Council (SIAA). I have. Filtration flow rate: 2.5 L / min (when flow pressure is 0.1 MPa) Minimum usable hydraulic pressure: 0.05MPa Estimated time to replace the water purification cartridge: Approximately 4 months (when using 10L / day) Compatible models: JF-1450SX (JW), JF-1450SYX (JW), JF-1451SYXU (JW), JF-2430S (JW), JF-2432S (JW), JF-2450SX (JW), JF-HB461SYX (JW) ), JF-AB461SYX (JW), JF-AC461SYX (JW), JF-AC461SX (JW), JF-6450SX (JW) Increase the number of items displayed

Brand: LIXIL
Product model number: JF-21-S
Packing size: 14 x 13.2 x 9.2 cm; 25 g
Material: Polypropylene
Battery included: No
Product weight: 25 g

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