LODGE (lodge) skillet L5SKWLDK duck logo 8 inches

LODGE (lodge) skillet L5SKWLDK duck logo 8 inches

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Depth: 4.3 cm Inner diameter: 20.2 cm, thickness: 5 mm Specifications: Break-in (soybean oil) Design: duck Corresponding cookware: direct fire, IH cooking heater, halogen heater, oven, dishwasher Size: L32.5 × H4.3cm Inner diameter: 20.2cm
Size: 8 inches LODGE Lodge Skillet 8-inch Duck Logo L5SKWLDK is an 8-inch skillet designed with wildlife ducks. After years of research by Lodge, it is a ready-to-use product. "Lodge Logic" is a product with a coated surface that looks like it has been used for many years. Unlike the iron frying pans that are generally sold, the skillet is thick, so you can enjoy a wide variety of roasted dishes. The more you use it, the easier it is to maintain, so you can use it at home every day. LODGE A lodge created by Joseph Lodge in South Pittsburg, USA in 1896. Since then, I have been sticking to cast iron with the belief that "choosing good tools is the first step in making delicious food." LODGE's cast iron products are factory-conditioned with soybean oil. If you take it out of the box and wash it with hot water, you can use it immediately without troublesome break-in work. The characteristic of cast iron is that it transfers heat slowly and slowly. It may be said that the properties of cast iron are closer to stone than iron, which has high thermal conductivity. Furthermore, the fleshy structure of 5 mm enhances its metallic properties. This provides heat control that other cooking utensils do not have, and brings out the flavor of the ingredients from the core. It can be used not only for direct fire, IH cooking heaters and halogen heaters, but also for ovens. It cannot be used in the microwave.

Manufacturer: Lodge
Packing size: 31.9 x 22.3 x 7.7 cm
Material: Cast iron
Color: Duck logo
Contents ( Milliliter): 3.47 liters
Size: 8 inches
Other functions: IH stove compatible.
Packing weight: 1.69 kg
Battery use: No
Battery included: No
Care: Dishwasher compatible.
Brand Name: Lodge
Product Weight: 3.3 lbs
JAN: 75536306001

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