Magic Powder That Eliminates Odors Ag

Magic Powder That Eliminates Odors Ag


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Deodorize stubborn odors simply by sprinkling on unwashable boots, leather shoes that have been worn all day, or pumps. [Usage] 1. Sprinkle the powder 3-5 times so that it spreads throughout the shoe, spread it with your fingers, and then wear the shoe. 2.1 Deodorizing can be performed for a long time by performing 1 again once a day. 3. If you do not wear the same shoes every day, repeat 1 on the day you wear them. * Please note that powder may adhere to socks.
• Contents: 13g
• Ingredients / Materials: natural talc, alum, zinc oxide, silver nitrate
• Size: 3cm x 7cm x 10.5cm
• Weight (product only) [g]: 38
• Place of origin / country of origin: Japan
• Manufacturer name: Glycochemical Co., Ltd.
• Handling precautions: Do not place the product within the reach of children. Rinse your mouth thoroughly if accidentally swallowed. Do not use if there is a wound. Even if you use excessive powder, you may not be able to expect more than a certain effect.

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