matsukiyo Fitist One 120ml

matsukiyo Fitist One 120ml

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○ Compatible with all O2 hardware ○ Moisture plus ○ Strong enzyme cleaning and preservative solution for oxygen permeable hard contact lenses ○ Easy and convenient single care in pursuit of “convenience” and “comfort”! ○ With this one, it's easy, easy, ke, a! With this product, you can perform the care required for O2 hard lenses, from cleaning and storage to protein removal. It's very simple to use, and it's an easy-to-use type that you just put on. Moreover, there is no need to mix the liquids. ○ Excellent enzyme power! Troublesome and lazy protein removal. Such troublesome protein cleaning can be done at the same time as storage. Moreover, the excellent enzyme power lasts until one is used up. ○ Contains moisturizing ingredients! This agent contains a moisturizing ingredient that gives the lens hydrophilicity (moisturizing), giving the lens a moisturizing feel.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Main component] Proteolytic enzyme, anionic surfactant [Ingredients] Boric acid, borax Usage and dosage [Usage] Be sure to use soap before handling the lens. Please wash thoroughly and use in a clean condition and place. ○ Before good night 1. Clean your hands with soap. 2. Put the amount of this agent in the storage case so that the lens can be fully immersed. 3. 3. Insert the lens you removed from your eyes into the holder of the storage case. Four. Store the holder in a storage case and store it overnight. During this time, washing and protein removal are performed. ○ After waking up in the morning 1. Clean your hands with soap. 2. Remove the lens from the storage case. 3. 3. Rinse thoroughly with tap water until the lens no longer feels slimy, and then wear the lens. Four. After removing the lens, discard the remaining liquid, rinse it with tap water, and let it air dry. ○ If the lens is very dirty There are individual differences in the dirt. If it is extremely dirty, apply a few drops of this agent to the lens before cleaning / storing or wearing it, rub it with the pad of your finger to prevent your nails from touching the lens, and rinse with tap water. Please give me. Formulation / Shape Liquid

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