matsukiyo Inopain AZ Gastrointestinal drug 36 packets

matsukiyo Inopain AZ Gastrointestinal drug 36 packets

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Three types of gastric mucosa repair agents restore a rough stomach to a normal state. Four kinds of antacids neutralize excess stomach acid and improve stomach pain, heartburn, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms of the stomach. An easy-to-drink fine granule that can be taken without refreshing water. Check the drug description document with PDF

Ingredients / quantity / usage ingredients / quantity 1.4 g x 3 packets Magnesium aluminate aluminate ... 300 mg Synthetic hydrotalcite ... 800 mg Magnesium hydroxide ...・ 450 mg glycine ・ ・ ・ ・ 90 mg sodium aluminate sulfonate hydrate ・ ・ ・ ・ 6 mg L-glutamine ・ ・ ・ ・ 400 mg dipotassium glycyrrhizinate ・ ・ ・ ・ 60 mg Dosage and administration Take the following amount before or between meals. Please. Adults (15 years old and over), 1 packet: 3 times a day, 11 to 14 years old, 1 time, 2/3 packets: 3 times a day, 8 to 10 years old, 1 time, 1/2 packet: 3 times a day 5 to 7 years old, 1/3 packet at a time: Do not take under 5 years old 3 times a day. Formulation / Shape Granules

Efficacy Indications Stomach pain, chest burn, belching (stomach, stomach belching, sickness / nausea, nausea, nausea), overdrinking (overdrinking), stomach discomfort, Leaning (stomach leaning), stomach weight, chest tightness, nausea, belching

Precautions for use Precautions for use 1. Do not take the following people. People receiving dialysis therapy. 2. The following people should consult with a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before taking. (1) A person who is being treated by a doctor. (2) Elderly people. (3) Persons with the following symptoms. Edema (4) Person who received the following diagnosis. Kidney disease, hypertension, heart disease 3. Please read the instructions carefully before taking. Precautions for use-Precautions for storage and handling Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take the product after the expiration date.

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