Medik toothbrush UV sterilization cap MDK-TS03

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Are you using a toothbrush and then rinse it with water and put it standing upright? In the warm weather and in the bathroom with a lot of humidity, it is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.

"But I buy a new toothbrush before it gets old..."

If you use the toothbrush even once, bacteria will propagate immediately!

 You can easily solve this with the disinfectant cap!

1. Disinfect the brush with UV UV-C LED with 99.9% disinfecting power
2. Compact cap type sterilizer for daily use and going out
3. Rechargeable and can be used without stress
4. A magnet is embedded in the back
It has a built-in rechargeable battery and can be used anywhere.
Charging is via USB connection. Please use the USB terminal of the PC or the USB-AC adapter. 
Full charge time in about 2 hours. Battery charge lasts for 2-3 sterilizations 3 minutes each.
Size: 45x45x20mm

When using, remove the water from the toothbrush well before placing in the cap.

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