Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifying shower head

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Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui Dechlorination Shower Pure Clean SK106W-GR" is a dechlorination shower head that can switch between purified water and raw water with one touch. The raw water can be used when cleaning the bath, so the cartridge will last longer. Since the shower cap is a removable type, you can check how dirty the filter is.
A redox filter is built into the shower cap at the tip of the head. The cartridge uses a material that does not block the flow of water. A sufficient amount of water (8 liters/minute) can be achieved. You can use up to 60 degrees Celsius hot water. With the included adapter set, it can be easily attached to various showers.

Product Specifications
Processing capacity: 8000 L (4000 L per cartridge (about 8 hours), residual chlorine concentration of raw water 1 ppm, water temperature 40 degrees, water flow at 8 L / min, cumulative flow rate to reach residual water chlorine concentration of 0.5 ppm after filtration ))

Approximate replacement time for filter media: 4 months (1 piece for 2 months, 1 person 8 minutes a day)

* Faucet shape that can not be installed: Faucet with large diameter, faucet diameter 24 mm or more and length less than 10 mm, faucet tip square shape

・ If you use a hot water storage system or a place with low water pressure, the hot water temperature may not be stable and you may not be able to use it.
-The condition of the amount of water used, the water quality, the water pressure, the water temperature, the area of ​​use, the residual chlorine concentration, etc. may change the degree of contamination of the cartridge and the life of the cartridge.

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