Mitsubishi Rayon CleansuiMono faucet water filter

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◆ Excellent water purification capacity with advanced removal of 13 + 2 substances.
◆ High-performance filter equipped with a hollow fiber membrane that removes bacteria and red rust.
◆ Uses a metallic body that is integrated with the faucet.
◆ It can be installed on either the right or left side according to your sink type.
◆ The natural shower keeps the sink clean with little water splash.
◆ Every time the cartridge is replaced, the water purification outlet will be updated. With a window that can check the dirt condition.
◆ The total amount of filtered water is 900L / piece, and when 10L / day is used, it can be used for about 6 months as a set.

[Water purification capacity]
13 substances subject to removal specified by the Household Goods Quality Labeling Law (test results in JIS S 3201) It removes free residual chlorine: Removal rate 80% Turbidity: Filtration flow rate 50% Total trihalomethane: Removal rate 80% Chloroform: Removal rate 80% Bromo Dichloromethane: 80% removal rate Dibromochloromethane: 80% removal rate Bromoform: 80% removal rate Soluble lead: 80% removal rate CAT (pesticides): 80% removal rate 2-MIB (mold odor): 80% removal rate Tetrachloroethylene: Removal rate 80% Trichlorethylene: Removal rate 80% 111-Trichloroethane: Removal rate 80% Two substances to be removed which are listed in the standard established by the Water Purifier Association (Test result in JWPAS B.100) Iron (fine particles) Shape: 80% removal rate Aluminum (neutral): 80% removal rate

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