Nepia Nose Celeb Mask Normal Size

Nepia Nose Celeb Mask Normal Size


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Comfort that lasts a whole day. Its secret is its 3D shaped sheet! The original pleats and new materials "Lip Keeper" ensure the breathability of the mouth area and eliminates stuffiness.Light, comfortable, easy to use, 1 day durability. Colds, allergies, viruses, PM2.5 prevention. (*The mask does not completely prevent infections.) Normal Size
• Contents: 5 units
• Ingredients: [Body] Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester [Nose Fitter] Polyethylene [Ear strings] Nylon, polyurethane
• Size: 230mm x 10mm x 115mm
• Weight (of the product itself) [g]: 23
• Country of origin: Japan
• Manufacturer: Oji Nepia
• Handling Precautions: This product may cause cloudiness of the glasses. Be careful when driving.Do not use on infants or on people who have trouble breathing. This product is one-time use only. Do not wash and reuse. Do not use in places with harmful dust or where gas has leaked. Stop using in case the product causes irritation of the skin or any other lesion. Do not use in case the smell makes you feel sick. Do not use near fire.

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