Nitto Tea Black Sesame Milk 2 Packs

Nitto Tea Black Sesame Milk 2 Packs


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Black sesame and Japanese kinako are added to the gentle flavor of milk. You can enjoy the deep aroma and deep body with a clear aftertaste.
• Ingredients: sugar, dextrin, lactose, vegetable oils, processed sesame, skim milk powder, indigestible dextrin, kinako (including soybeans) (domestic) / additives: whey minerals, casein Na, pH adjuster, fragrance (From sesame), thickener (carrageenan), emulsifier, finely divided silicon dioxide, sweetener (Stevia extract, Lacanca extract)
• Nutrition information (per 13g) Energy (kcal): 55 Protein (g): 1 Lipid (g): 1.4 Carbohydrate (g): 10.2 Sodium (mg): 12
• 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): milk
• Contents: 104g x 2 Packs
• Country of origin: Japan
• How to eat: If hot: Put one stick into the cup.|| Pour about 100ml of boiling water and stir well. For ice: Put the sticks in a glass and dissolve in a small amount of hot water.|| Pour cold water and float ice.
• Note: Take care when handling hot water. Consume as soon as possible after opening individual packages. Black particles in the product float and settle, but there is no problem in quality as it is sesame. Please Stir well and enjoy. Due to the nature of the raw material, there may be a lump of powder in the stick, but there is no problem with the quality.
• Preservation method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
• Best before date (from date of manufacture): 1 year from date of manufacture (before opening)
• Manufacturer: Nitto Tea

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