ORIHIRO bear bamboo green juice 3g×14 packets

ORIHIRO bear bamboo green juice 3g×14 packets


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Product Details

○ 100% baby bamboo from Hokkaido. An easy-to-drink green juice with a rich dietary fiber and refreshing taste.
○ Nitrogen filling to maintain freshness
○ Easy-to-use granule type

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Kumazasa powder, indigestible dextrin, paste (pullulan)

<Nutrition information>
Product 3g Calories...7kcal
Lipid... 0.11g
Sugar... 0.20g
dietary fiber ··· 2.14g
sodium ··· 0 ~ 1mg

Usage and dose
<How to drink>
○ Take 1 packet per day as a guide, and mix it with your favorite beverage such as 100cc of water or hot water.
○ This product tends to sink in water, so mix well.
○ If you are using for the first time, please start from a small amount.
○ Please observe the recommended daily intake.

Dosage form/shape
Fine granules/granules

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