Otsuka Pharmaceutical Calorie Mate Liquid Yogurt Flavor 200ml

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Calorie Mate Liquid Yogurt Flavor 200ml

Otsuka Pharmaceutical

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● A refreshing yogurt taste for a smooth drink ● A well-balanced combination of 11 types of vitamins, 5 types of minerals, proteins, lipids, and sugars required for the body ● 10 g of protein and 1 vitamin per bottle You can take about half of the amount required per day, and calorie calculation is as easy as 200 kcal. * The amount required per day is based on the "standard value for displaying nutrients, etc."

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Sugar (domestic production), dextrin, edible vegetable fats and oils, whey protein (including milk components), gelatin, resistant dextrin, dairy products Lactobacillus beverage (sterilization) / seasoning Foods (amino acids), acidulants, stabilizers (thickening polysaccharides: derived from soybeans), fragrances, emulsifiers [per can of nutritional component display] Energy 200 kcal, protein 10 g, fat 4.4 g, carbohydrates 31.1 g (sugar 28) .6g, dietary fiber 2.5g), salt equivalent 0.11g, calcium 70mg, iron 1.3mg, magnesium 32mg, phosphorus 175mg, vitamin A385μg, vitamin B10.6mg, vitamin B20.7mg, vitamin B60.7mg, vitamin B121.2 μg, Niacin 6.5 mg, Pantothenic acid 2.4 mg, Folic acid 120 μg, Vitamin C 50 mg, Vitamin D 2.8 μg, Vitamin E 3.2 mg [Allergy warning label] Allergens (out of 27 items): Milk components, soybeans, gelatin Usage and dosage [Caution] Consume as soon as possible after opening. Formulation / Shape Can

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