PIA Feria Mosia Black 10 sheets-3.25

PIA Feria Mosia Black 10 sheets-3.25

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● Color contact lenses for women in love with the theme of "eyes that make a good impression on men", with Mai Shiraishi acting as an image model. ● 99% of UV rays that are said to be harmful to the skin and eyes and may cause eye diseases such as cataracts. (* Cuts UV-A waves by 75% and UV-B waves by 99%) ● The soft material (moisture content 55%) contains a lot of water, so it is comfortable to wear on your eyes. ● A colorant is included on the eyelid side, and a full cast mold manufacturing method is used so that the pigment does not come into contact with the cornea. ● The smooth edge design realizes a natural wearing feeling. ● Color: [Sheer Black] A natural lens with a simple design that blends in with the white of the eye, with a clear edge to the naked eye.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] -Lens material Ingredients: 2-HEMA, MAA, EGDMA-Preservatives: Sodium chloride, buffer material (boric acid, borax) -Colorant ingredients: Azo-based coloring Agents, metal oxide-based colorants, anthraquinone-based colorants, phthalocyanine-based colorants, UV absorbers: Benzophenone-based UV absorbers Usage and dosage [Usage, etc.] All-day wear, one-day replacement [Use related to usage, etc. Precautions above] [Detachment of lens] 1. Precautions for handling the lens ・ Cut your nails short to make them round and smooth.・ Be sure to wash your hands before handling the lens.・ When attaching or detaching the lens, do not raise your nails or touch your fingertips directly with your eyes. 2. How to take out the lens ・ Be careful not to cut your fingers with the aluminum seal when opening the lens.・ To avoid scratching the lens, gently remove it from the container with the pad of your finger without raising your nails.・ Check the left, right, front and back of the lens before wearing. 3. 3. How to fit the lens (1) Place the lens on the tip of your index finger. (2) While looking in the mirror, open your eyes wide with the thumb and index finger of the other hand. (3) Slowly bring the lens close to your eyes and gently place it on your black eyes. (4) After placing the lens on the black eye, slowly release the open finger and blink slowly. (5) Check the left and right views for any misalignment. 4. How to remove the lens (1) Pull the lower eyelid with your middle finger. (2) As it is, pinch the lower part of the lens with your thumb and index finger to remove it. [Wearing schedule] (1) This lens is an all-day wearing lens that can be replaced in one day. Wear the lens while you are awake, remove it and throw it away before going to bed. (2) There are individual differences in the schedule for getting used to wearing lenses. Be sure to follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist and get used to the schedule that best suits you. [Standard wearing schedule] Days / hours of wearing / 1st day / 2 hours / 2nd day / 3 hours / 3rd day / 4 hours / 4th day / 5 hours / 5th day / 6 hours / 6th day After that / 8 hours (3) If you stop wearing ・ If it is less than a week, you can wear it as usual.・ If you have been interrupted for more than a week, start by referring to the above table as you would when wearing it for the first time.・ If you have been interrupted for more than a month, consult an ophthalmologist before starting wearing. [Periodic inspection] Be sure to take a regular inspection one week, one month, three months, every three months thereafter, or according to the instructions of your ophthalmologist.

Precautions for use Precautions for use ・ If you feel any abnormality in your eyes while wearing the lens, remove the lens and consult an ophthalmologist.・ While wearing the lens, do not use any eye drops other than those instructed by an ophthalmologist.

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