Rohto Pharmaceutical Rohto One Day Emblem Clear Marble 10 sheets-0.75

Rohto Pharmaceutical Rohto One Day Emblem Clear Marble 10 sheets-0.75

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● Rohto Pharmaceutical quality that focuses on safety and comfort in consideration of eye health. ● Three-tone color technology that creates a natural three-dimensional effect on the eyes. ● It is a one-day disposable circle lens that is natural but has a flower. ● The overlapping of brown and terracotta creates eyes that make you want to stare. ● Adult-like summary Perfect for hair and shirts. When you want dignified and clear eyes. ● Colored diameter 13.0 mm.

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantities [Ingredients] 1. Lens composition (1) Soft contact lens classification: Group IV (2) Constituent monomers: 2-HEMA, MAA, EGDMA, TMPTMA (3) Moisture content: 58% (4) Oxygen transmission coefficient: 20 × 10-11 (cm2) / Sec) ・ (mLO2 / mL × mmHg) (5) Colorant: Anthraquinone-based colorant, phthalocyanine-based colorant, carbazole-based colorant, carbon-based colorant, metal oxide-based colorant Position of colored part: Colorant Is on the eyelid side. Condition of colored area: Covered with polymer film. (6) Ultraviolet absorber: Benzotriazole-based ultraviolet absorber Ultraviolet absorption rate: In the case of apical refractive power -3.00D UV-A wave: Absorption rate] 50% CV-B wave: Absorption rate] 95% ISO18369-1: According to 2006. 2. Main components of preservative solution: sodium chloride, buffer (boric acid type), moisturizing ingredient Usage and dosage [Usage, etc.] 1. This lens is a one-day disposable lens that can be worn all day. Wear the lens while you are awake, remove it before going to bed and throw it away. 2. There are individual differences in the schedule for getting used to wearing lenses. Be sure to follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist and get used to the schedule that best suits you. (1) Standard wearing schedule 1st day: 6 hours 2nd day: 8 hours 3rd day: 10 hours 4th to 6th day: 12 hours 7th day and after: All day wearing (12 to 14 hours) (2) If you suspend the wearing, or if it is less than a week, you can wear it as usual.・ If you have been interrupted for more than a week, start by referring to the above table as you would when wearing it for the first time.・ If you discontinue wearing for more than a month, consult an ophthalmologist before starting wearing.

Precautions for use Precautions for use [Contraindications / Prohibitions] [Warning] 1. By wearing contact lenses (hereinafter referred to as lenses), corneal ulcers, keratitis (including infectious keratitis), corneal invasion, corneal epithelial disorders such as corneal erosion, corneal edema, conjunctivitis (including giant papillary conjunctivitis), irisitis , Corneal angiogenesis, etc. may develop and the decrease of corneal endothelial cells may be accelerated. Some eye disorders caused by wearing lenses can lead to blindness if left untreated. 2. To avoid the above eye damage, please observe the following when using the lens. (1) Please observe the wearing time correctly.・ There are individual differences in the wearing time of the lens.・ Please observe the wearing time instructed by the ophthalmologist. (2) Please keep the usage period.・ This lens is a disposable lens that can be replaced with a new lens in one day. (3) Please follow the handling method and use it correctly.・ If you handle the lens incorrectly, it may cause eye damage.・ Keep the lens clean and use it properly. (4) Please take a regular inspection.・ Even if you don't have any subjective symptoms and wear it in good condition, your eyes and lenses may be scratched or your eyes may be damaged.・ Even if there are no abnormalities, be sure to undergo a regular examination as instructed by an ophthalmologist. (5) If you feel any abnormality, please see an ophthalmologist immediately.・ Before wearing the lens, check for eye stains and redness, and for foreign matter after wearing the lens. If you feel any abnormality, consult an ophthalmologist. (6) Never use a lens that has problems such as damage.・ Before wearing, be sure to check that the lens is not damaged or otherwise damaged. If you experience subjective symptoms due to damage to the lens while wearing the product and the subjective symptoms do not improve, please consult an ophthalmologist. 3. 3. Applicable target (patient): Do not use for the following people.・ Acute and subacute inflammation of the anterior segment of the eye ・ Eye infections ・ Uveitis ・ Corneal hyposensitivity ・ Dry eye and lacrimal diseases that cause problems with lens wearing ・ Eyelid abnormalities ・ Allergies that affect lens wearing Illness, always dry life

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