Seagull for Water Purifier Travel Portable Replacement Cartridge FN-TLP-RK

Seagull for Water Purifier Travel Portable Replacement Cartridge FN-TLP-RK

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Size: 75 x 75 x 155 mm Body weight: 230g Filtration flow rate: Approximately 0.5 ~ 1.0L / min Water purification capacity: Approximately 100 ~ 400L Applicable models: first need, TRAV-L-PURE
● [Advanced Purification Medium Structured Matrix] The "Structured Matrix" created from completely new ideas and cutting-edge technology is a crystal of advanced technology developed exclusively for drinking water. The secret of its outstanding water purification ability lies in the complex water purification system that integrates three functions. ● [Microfiltration function] At the entrance of the cartridge, toxic substances such as bacteria are shut out. The average diameter of the matrix that serves as the water inlet is only 0.1 micron. Microorganisms harmful to the human body such as bacteria and parasites, particles and radioactive fallout that cause color and odor such as rust and mold cannot pass through this small hole. Therefore, safe and clean water can be used at any time without bacterial growth inside. ● [Molecular distribution adsorption function] Only harmful chemical substances dissolved in water are adsorbed on a molecular basis through minerals and salts. Inside the matrix are innumerable molecular adsorption chambers with complex structures. Chemical substances dissolved in water, such as trihalomethanes, pesticides, PCBs, and chlorine, which have been pointed out to be carcinogenic, are sorted according to the difference in mass and structure of each molecule and firmly adsorbed in the molecular adsorption chamber. At the same time, natural components such as minerals and salts, which are essential for health and deliciousness, pass through as they are, so the original taste of water is not impaired and it returns to natural safe water. ● [Ion adsorption function] In a semi-permanently charged state , Adsorbed molecules are firmly fixed to the molecule adsorption chamber. The molecular adsorption chamber is kept in a semi-semi-permanently charged state, and positively or negatively charged chemical substance molecules are firmly adsorbed by positive or negative electric attraction. Even the tiny particles, viruses, colloidal molecules, etc. that were missed by the microfiltration at the entrance are firmly caught here.

Manufacturer: Seagull IV
Packing size: 16 x 8 x 8 cm
Packing weight: 0.24 kg
Brand name: Seagull IV
Product weight : 230 grams
JAN: 4527632904002

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