Shionogi Health Care Cushion Collect 36G

Shionogi Health Care Cushion Collect 36G

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● It is hard to make a gap or rattle between the dentures and the gums because the dentures do not fit. ● Denture stabilizers temporarily relieve the incompatibility. ● There are two types of denture stabilizers, "cushion type" and "glue type". Cushion collect is 1. A hard type (hard) denture stabilizer with excellent suction power that can be chewed with moderate elasticity. 2. It fills the gap between the dentures and gums, and due to its moderate elasticity, the pain in the gums caused by foods that you eat is reduced, and you will be able to chew harder things than before. It also does not change the taste of food. 3. 3. It does not dissolve in meals and remains on the dentures. 4. The dentures can be removed freely and can be washed with a denture cleaning agent while still attached. 5. When applied once, moderate elasticity lasts for 4 to 5 days. The duration varies depending on individual differences such as the condition of dentures, eating and drinking conditions, and the amount of fluid secreted. 6. It has the same color as gums and is inconspicuous. 7. Comes with a winding device that is easy to remove from the tube.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] Vinyl acetate resin, absolute ethanol (containing alcohol) * The main component of this product, vinyl acetate resin, is used for chewing gum, etc. It does not melt and gradually hardens and remains on the dentures. Usage and dosage [How to use] (1) After washing the dentures with a toothbrush, dry them thoroughly. (If it is wet, it will not stick well.) (2) Use the attached hoisting device to squeeze out an appropriate amount, and cut it horizontally as shown in Fig. 1. (In the case of full dentures, the standard dose is pachinko ball size for both the top and bottom. However, the amount of lukewarm varies depending on the size of the dentures and the degree of gap between the dentures and gums, so it suits you according to your experience. Please decide the amount. In particular, there are various sizes and shapes of removable partial dentures. Please adjust according to your own dentures.) (3) Focus on the part of the denture that corresponds to the gums. And make sure that the groove is thick. (See Fig. 2-1 and Fig. 2-2, Fig. 2-3 and Fig. 2-4) (4) After painting, sprinkle water for about 1 minute as shown in Fig. 3 to reduce the irritation of alcohol. Please give me. (5) Put on dentures and chew 2 to 3 times. (Refer to Fig. 4) (6) If you are concerned about the part protruding from the denture, cut it off with the edge of the denture as a lever as shown in Fig. 5, and hold it down well. [Available denture materials and types] (1) Can be used for dentures on plastic floors. (Cannot be used for metal floor dentures) (2) This product cannot be used for bridges, dentures, and some removable partial dentures. Dosage form / shape cream

Precautions for use Storage and handling precautions (1) Keep out of reach of children. (2) Avoid fire and store in a cool place out of direct sunlight with the cap tightly closed.


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