Toray Torbino Pot Type Water Purifier PT304SV [High Removal + Time Saving Water Purification] Large Capacity Type 2.1L White

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Size: Height 295 x Width 237 x Depth 101 mm Body weight: 2920g (when full) Material / Material: [Main body container / funnel / lid] AS resin, [Handle cover] ABS resin, [Spout / Slider] Polypropylene, [Cartridge] ABS resin / Polypropylene Replacement guideline: 200L (2 months when using 3L a day, 3 months when using 2L a day) Type of filter medium: activated carbon, ion exchanger
Newly developed "short-time water purification" & "high removal" cartridge installed While maintaining high removal performance (removal of 12 items of JIS standard) and deliciousness, the water purification speed is further increased by Toray Co., Ltd. 1L is about 3 minutes (Toray Co., Ltd.) Achieves speedy water purification that can be filtered with a conventional product (about 5 minutes) You can quickly purify water when you want to use it, so you can make a busy morning breakfast, make a lunch, make a big success. Large-capacity 2L type that can be used more and more in various scenes such as drinking water and cooking. A smart and slim design that suppresses the protrusion of the handle, and can be stored without creating a dead space in the door pocket of the refrigerator or the vegetable compartment. It can also be placed in a small gap around the sink in the kitchen. * Depending on the refrigerator, it may not be possible to store it due to the dimensions and structure of the door pocket and vegetable compartment. Can be set in units of 10 days according to the amount used. Prevents accidental forgetting to replace the cartridge. All parts can be removed and washed easily. Cleanliness The important point required for kitchen utensils, of course, "cleanliness" is also taken into consideration. All parts can be easily removed and washed completely. Easy to wash and clean everywhere 30-day money-back guarantee If you are not satisfied with your product, we will refund the purchase price within 30 days of purchase. However, please note that the customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product. A receipt at the time of purchase, this product set, and a refund application form are required for refunds. Please contact the Trebino Service Center for more information. * Refund window: Torbino Service Center / Telephone 0120-32-4192 * Inquiries about "30-day refund guarantee" are not accepted at Toray Torbino Pot Type Water Purifier Comparison Table Toray Torbino Pot-type water purifier 0.8L PT305SV Toray Trebino Pot-type water purifier 1.2L PT502SV Toray Trebino Pot-type water purifier 2.1L PT304SV Toray Trebino Pot-type water purifier 1.1L PT302SV Toray Trebino Pot-type water purifier 1.2L PT302S High removal basic Number of removal items (JIS standard) 121212126 Types of filter media Activated charcoal, ion exchanger activated charcoal, ion exchanger activated charcoal, ion exchanger activated charcoal, ion exchanger activated charcoal Filter flow rate 0.3 L / min 0.35 L / min 0.4 L / min 0.4 L / min 0.2L / min Water purification unit capacity 0.8L 1.2L 2.1L 1.1L 1.2L Horizontal placement × ○ × × × Easy to wash ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Cartridge replacement guideline ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Replacement guideline 200L 200L 200L 200L 200L Replacement guideline (1 day) When using 2L, per piece) 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months Replacement guideline (when using 3L per day, per piece) 2 months 2 months 2 months 2 months 2 months

Manufacturer: Toray (TORAY)
Model number: PT304SV
Packing size: 30.4 x 26.8 x 12.4 cm
Color: White
Size: Large capacity type 2.1L
> Packing weight: 2.51 lbs
Battery use: No
Battery included: No
Care: Hand wash, cartridge replacement
Brand name: Toray (TORAY)
Capacity: 2.1 L
Product weight: 1.1 kg

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