Toray Trebino Super Slim 703T Faucet Direct Connection Type Water Purifier Cartridge Plus 1 Set SX703T-TSET

Toray Trebino Super Slim 703T Faucet Direct Connection Type Water Purifier Cartridge Plus 1 Set SX703T-TSET

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Manufacturer model number: SX703T-TSET Size: Height 71 x Width 104 x Depth 123 mm Body weight: 353g (when full) Material / Material: Polyacetal, ABS resin Country of origin: Japan Types of filter media: activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane (polysulfone) Filtration flow rate: 2.0 L / min Minimum usable hydraulic pressure: 70 kPa Water purification capacity: Free residual chlorine, total trihalomethane, 2-MIB (moldy odor), CAT (pesticides), tetrachlorethylene, trichlorethylene: total filtration flow rate 600L removal rate 80% / turbidity: total filtration water volume 900L filtration flow rate 50% Estimated time to replace the filter medium: 2 months for 10 L per day, 1 month for 15 L per day Increase the number of items displayed
● A great value set with one replacement cartridge added. ● Since the purified water is a straight stream of water, it is convenient to pour it into a container with a narrow mouth, and the “purified water straight” is also convenient for washing vegetables and rice. "Raw water straight & raw water shower" that can use hot water up to 50 degrees and easy to wash dishes ● "Visible window" that allows you to easily check the dirtiness of the cartridge just by removing the cartridge cap. You can check the dirt that has been removed. ● The raw water shower is equipped with a 30% water saving function. Economical and very ecological. Comfortable amount of water even when washing dishes. The strength of the shower is maintained by making the holes in the raw water shower smaller than the conventional product *. * Compared with Toray MK203X. The flow is when the hydraulic water pressure is about 0.1 MPa ● Equipped with a cartridge replacement guideline display. If you set the dial 2 months after the date of use, the cartridge replacement guideline will be displayed in units of 10 days. ● Precautions for use) ・ Use water that has passed the drinking standards for tap water.・ The guideline for the replacement time of the filter medium depends on the amount of water used, water quality, and water temperature.・ Avoid using hot water of 35 degrees or higher for purified water.・ Do not allow hot water above 50 degrees Celsius to pass through even raw water.・ Please use the purified water that has been stored as soon as possible.・ Start daily use for about 10 seconds, and after not using for a long time, let water flow for about 60 seconds before using.・ Do not freeze the water purifier.・ Do not use for fish farming. -When attached to a hot water mixing tap, the ignition of the water heater may worsen in rare cases. -If used at the same time as the dishwasher, the dishwasher may malfunction in rare cases. -The withstand voltage of this product is 350 kPa.・ Be sure to read the instruction manual before using.

Manufacturer: Toray (TORAY)
Model number: SX703T-TSET
Packing size: 22.8 x 14.2 x 9.2 cm
Material: ABS
Color: White
Packing Weight: 0.5 kg
Battery use: No
Battery included: No
Care: Cartridge replacement
Brand name: Toray (TORAY)

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