Toray Water Purifier Trebino Super Touch 903V SX903V

Toray Water Purifier Trebino Super Touch 903V SX903V

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Size: Height 68 x Width 101 x Depth 121 mm Body weight: 334g (when full) Material / Material: Polyacetal, ABS resin Country of origin: [Main body] China, [Cartridge] Japan Warranty period: 1 year Attached cartridge: STC.VJ Filtration flow rate: 1.6 L / min Replacement guideline: 600L (2 months when using 10L a day) Water purification capacity: Free residual chlorine, total trihalomethane, soluble lead, 2-MIB (moldy odor), CAT (pesticides), tetrachloroethylene, trichlorethylene, chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, bromoform / total filtration flow rate 600L (removal rate 80) %), Turbidity / total filtration flow rate 600L, filtration flow rate 50% Increase the number of items displayed
Pattern: Body only ● Clean and delicious water with 12 safe items removed ● Economical and very eco-friendly with 30% water saving ● Easy to use with easy touch lever ● Maintains the strength of the shower by making the hole of the raw water shower smaller than the conventional product ● Since the purified water is a straight stream, it is convenient to pour into a container with a narrow mouth. ● Simply remove the cartridge hatch to easily check the degree of dirt on the cartridge. ● Uses an easy-to-use smart touch lever. ● Three-stage switching display has become functional ● Material type: polyacetal, ABS resin ● Filter material type: activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane (polysulfone), ion exchanger ● Filtration flow rate: 1.6 L / min ● Minimum usable hydraulic pressure: 70 kPa ● Estimated time to replace filter media (per piece): 2 months when using 10 L per day, 1 month when using 15 L per day ● External dimensions (mm): Height 68 x Width 101 x Depth 121 ● Body weight (when full): 334 g ● Replacement cartridge (same type as initial installation): STC. VJ (1 piece), STC. V2J (2 pieces) Equipped with a 30% water saving function for easy use of delicious water * Easy to use with a touch lever 1 cartridge included * When using a raw water shower. Compare with MK203X. When the hydraulic water pressure is about 0.1MPa Cartridge replacement guideline 600L (2 months) * When using 10L a day Replacement cartridge (same type as initial installation) STC.VJ (1 piece) STC.V2J (2 pieces) Replacement guideline: 2 months (when using 10 L a day) Filter media type: Activated charcoal, hollow fiber membrane, ion exchanger Water purification performance In the medical field where you can drink deliciously without damaging minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are important for the body. Toray's active high-tech material, hollow fiber filter, forms a multi-layer structure and catches micro dirt such as nigori, iron rust, general bacteria, Escherichia coli, protozoa, etc. without damaging the mineral content * The sterilization performance test is water purification Compliant with the voluntary standard of the Instrument Association "Water Purifier Standards for Specific Substances". A substance that can remove 99.99% of the indicator bacteria of the same standard [Musty odor (2-MIB)] Produced by blue-green algae generated in lakes and marshes due to the enrichment phenomenon, and impairs the taste of water [Soluble lead] Anemia, It is said to have effects on gastrointestinal tract disorders, nervous system disorders, liver disorders, etc. [Total trihalomethane] It is a general term for chloroform, bromodioxide, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform, and chlorine reacts with organic substances in tap water. It is a substance that is produced by the water and is suspected of being harmful, including carcinogenicity. [Free residual chlorine] It is stipulated that chlorine disinfection should be performed to ensure hygiene. [Agricultural chemicals (CAT)] Widely used in herbicides and suspected to have endocrine disrupting effects [Tetrachloroethylene] Used in dry cleaning cleaners, etc. It is said that there are effects of central neuropathy, liver / kidney disorders, etc. [Trichloroethylene] It is said that there are effects of central neuropathy, liver / kidney disorders, etc. used in degreasing cleaners for metals, machinery, etc. Main unit function Straight water purification View window Touch lever Water saving Precautions for use Use water that has passed the water quality standards for tap water. Please avoid using hot water above 50 ℃. Do not let hot water above 50 ℃ pass through even raw water. Use purified water as soon as possible. Start daily use for about 10 seconds, and after not using for a long time, 60 seconds. Please use only from water flow. Do not freeze the water purifier. Do not use the purified water for fish raising, etc. When attached to a hot water mixing tap, the ignition of the water dispenser may worsen in rare cases. If used at the same time, the dishwasher may malfunction in rare cases. The pressure resistance of this product is 350kPa. Be sure to read the instruction manual when using this product.

Manufacturer: Toray (TORAY)
Model: SX903V
Packing size: 17.5 x 14.4 x 9.1 cm
Color: White
Packing weight: 0.39 kg
Battery Use: No
Battery included: No
Care: Cartridge replacement
Brand name: Toray (TORAY)
Product weight: 390 grams
JAN: 4960685888897

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