Twin Bird ion generator


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Compact bottle type ion generator AC-5941W.
It can be placed on a desk or in a drink holder in the car.
It can be powered by a USB cord, car adapter, and AC adapter.
There are two colors. The simple design matches any place.
Equipped with a high-performance HEPA filter that can remove 90% of dust, pollen, and particles smaller than PM2.5 (up to a particle size of 0.26 μm). Cleans the air around you. It also works well in places where you are concerned about the smell.

【Product Specifications】
・ Product size: About 80 × 80 × 170mm
・ Product mass: Approx. 280 g (product only) ・ Approx. 310 g (including accessories)
・ Power supply: DC5V 0.35A
・ Power consumption: Strong: 1.3W weak: 1.2W
・ Switch: Touch switch
・ Air volume: strong-weak
・ Cord length: 1.8m
・ Accessories: USB cable x 1, HEPA filter x 1, AC adapter x 1, car adapter x 1, after-sale parts: HEPA filter

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