Virus down space disinfection protection badge

Virus down space disinfection protection badge

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Clip type, size W42 × H72 × D19mm 

Set contents: Body x 1 piece (with aluminum packaging) 
Main components: Chlorine dioxide generator (natural zeolite, sodium chlorite)
Expiration date: About 30 days after opening (Expiration date may change depending on the place of use and conditions)

How to use

Take out the "virus down" badge from the individual packaging bag and hang it on your belongings such as clothes, belts, bags, and bags. It can also be used by hanging it from the neck using a commercially available strap. Use immediately after opening. Chlorine dioxide kills viruses and bacteria floating around the body after opening. Approximately usage is one month after opening.

Product description

● Please use this product so as not to touch the skin and underwear directly. Use clothing on the outermost side.
● Do not disassemble or open the main unit and chlorine dioxide generator.
● Store the product away from infants, people with dementia, places where pets do not touch, places exposed to direct sunlight, and places with high temperature and humidity.
● You may feel the smell due to the characteristics of this product. If you notice any abnormalities on your body, stop using it immediately.
● Do not use if you have weak skin, or if you feel any abnormality in your skin or physical condition during use.
● Do not use if you have a chlorine allergy.
● Because it has some bleaching action, please be careful about clothes with colored patterns.
● This product may corrode metal, so do not place it near precious metals or precision machinery.
● Be careful with burns.
● Be careful not to entangle the neck strap around your neck.
● Do not use it at bedtime.
● The effect of ingredients varies according to use situation. It is not fully effective in windy outdoors or places with strong airflow.
● If it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water.
● If you eat by mistake, rinse your mouth with running water and consult a doctor.
● Disposal after use should follow the classification of each local government.
● Do not use the product near fire, in places with lots of moisture such as rain, sweat, or water.

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