Virus Kafun mask virus block 0.7 fl oz

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Just spray it on the mask and the antibacterial ingredients remove viruses and bacteria for 24 hours. This spray increases the filter performance of the mask by blocking pollen floating in the space and particulates such as PM2.5. It prevents mask gap penetration with the power of ions. The plant extracts eliminate unpleasant odors. Since it is alcohol free, you can use it even while driving. Unscented and colorless. *Not all viruses, pollen, PM2.5, and yellow sand can be removed depending on the usage conditions. (When unevenness of spraying, excessive amount of viruses, pollen, and PM2.5) *The microparticles below 0.3 μm were not tested.

How to Use

Remove the cap and spray the appropriate amount of approximately 6 pushes to the outside of the mask uniformly. If you are concerned about discoloration or staining, please place the product in an inconspicuous area.

Raw materials and ingredients
Positively charged polymer, thickening polysaccharide, antibacterial agent, plant extract, water

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