Water Saving Shower Head Rust Removal Filter Cartridge Set

Water Saving Shower Head Rust Removal Filter Cartridge Set

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✔️ Effect of ceramic water purification shower machine Removes rust water and foreign matter from the piping, which is good for preventing atopy in children and protecting dry skin and hair quality. ✔️ You can easily replace the filter cartridge because you can see the red rust on the water pipe. ✔️ Fuel cost and water charge reduction due to water saving effect. ✔️ Massage effect + Anion Welbean Shower Natural anion release effect-Water from fine holes maximizes the effect of water molecules breaking and has a natural anion release effect. ✔️ Residual chlorine removal By removing residual chlorine contained in water using the decomposition reaction of ceramics, foreign substances are removed and the formation of disinfecting by-products such as trihalomethane due to residual chlorine is prevented.
✔️ Manufacturer: dewbell ✔️ Product name: cs300 ✔️ Filter replacement method (filter replacement cycle: 1-3 months) If the visible filter is completely contaminated by the transparent case or the water pressure becomes weak, it is time to replace the filter with the head. Separate the case and replace it with a new water filter. If the main body cab does not rotate, stop the main faucet, open the handle lever, and replace it with the air pressure reduced. ✔️ More than twice as strong water pressure rise By processing fine holes in two stages, ultra-fine water is formed, and the pressure rises due to the Bernoulli effect.

Manufacturer: DEWBELL
Model: F3
Packing size: 23.5 x 12 x 11.5 cm
Material: Ceramic
Packing weight: 0.35 kg
Battery use: No
Brand name: DEWBELL
JAN: 763416997899

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